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Lineage II
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Beginner's Guide

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Getting Started

[Creating Your Character][Game Interface][Shortcut & Tips]
Creating Your Character
In the character selection screen, press the Create button to begin creating your character.
Name Your Character

Enter the name of the character that you wish to play.

Names may be up to 16 alphanumeric characters in length. You may not use the name of any NPC, monster, or item that appears in the game. Names may not violate the Lineage II User Agreement.

Select Race and Class

Select the race that you wish to play. In Lineage II, there are five different races to choose from: Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, and Dwarf.

After selecting a race, select your base character type by choosing a fighter or mystic. The character type you choose will determine the classes you can become later. For detailed information regarding races and classes, see the Races, Classes, and Skills information in the Library.

Select Appearance

After selecting a class and race, choose the appearance of your character.

Select male or female (appearances may be different but they have equal abilities), hair type and color, and face type. Available choices may differ according to race and class.

Click the Create Character button to finish creating your character.
Game Interface

Status Window
  Check your name, CP, HP, MP, level, and experience in this window. Any spell or item effects that are currently active on your character are shown to the right of this window. Click the Status Window to target yourself.
Target Window
  This window is only activated when there is a target, and displays the designated target name and HP. However, if the target is another player, only the player's name will be displayed. Click the arrow on the left side of the Target window to view information about your target. You can view Clan and Alliance information for other players, or attribute information for the monster you have selected. Press ESC to cancel the target.
Hot Key Window
  Item icons from the Inventory window, action icons from the Action window, and active skill and spell icons from the Skills & Magic window can be dragged-and-dropped into the hot key window. You can register up to 120 hot keys, using 10 hot key bars. The interface shows one bar at a time. To access the extra bars, use the arrows at the top of the hot key window, or press Alt+F1-F10. Registered hot keys can be used by pressing the appropriate function key or with a single mouse click.
Chat Window
  This window displays chat messages. The tabs are divided into All, Clan, Party, Trade, and Alliance chat tabs. Use the chat window to communicate with other players in the game world. Specific types of chat and their associated commands are listed below.
Basic Chat   To chat with other players in the nearby area, type what you wish to say and press the "Enter" key.
Clan Chat Type the "@" symbol (Shift-2) and a message, and the message will be displayed to other members of your clan, no matter where they are in the game world.
Alliance Chat Type the "$" symbol (Shift-4) and a message, and the message will be displayed to other members of your alliance, no matter where they are in the game world.
Party Chat   Type the "#" symbol (Shift-3) and a message, and the message will be displayed to all members of your current party.
Trade Chat Type the "+" symbol before a message to send your message to the trade chat channel.
Private Chat Type a quotation mark (") before the character name, then enter your message to send a private message to another player in the game.
Shout Type the "!" symbol (Shift-1) followed by a message to shout the message to nearby players.
For clan, alliance, party, and trade chatting, select the corresponding tab from the party window in the game interface to conduct a conversation without having to preface each message with a symbol.

MSN Messenger

Within Lineage II, players can use the MSN Messenger service of Microsoft to chat with players on the Friends List in game as well as friends outside of the game. Click the Messenger icon in the lower left corner of the chat window to enable MSN Messenger.

While in the game you can chat using MSN with other players registered in the Friends List without a separate MSN registration. If you log in with your MSN Messenger account through the game, you can also do multi-point chatting with other MSN users outside of the game. You can use the basic functions of MSN, such as chatting, user invitation, and status change, but functions such as file transfer or video chatting are not supported.

When you play with another character and log into MSN using the same MSN account, your MSN contact list is displayed the same, but the Friends List in game is maintained by character.

Menu Bar

Character Status - Displays the current status of the character. In this window you can also view a list of your skills, see a list of possible actions, and look at all active quests for your character.

Inventory - Displays current weapons, armor, and items in possession. Items are classified into standard and quest items and can be dropped into the hot key window for easy use.

Map – Displays the current location of the character. Click this button to see the world map, or, if you're in town, to view a layout of the village. If you enable the location display in the Quest window, the location of the quest-related target is shown on the map.

System - Opens the system window, where you can submit a petition, exit the game, or adjust game options.

Party Window
  This window is only activated when a player has joined a party, and displays the HP and MP of other party members. Players can easily target their party members in this window. You can also view the class of party members and any spell or item effects on them.
  Align the direction you are currently facing with the head of the compass at the 12:00 position to tell which direction you are heading toward. In order to grasp the game quickly, it will be to your advantage to study the direction of the compass carefully. The red "N" indicates north and by using your current position as a center, it gives you the location information of your target character and of your party members. Party members are shown in green and targets are shown in red.
Shortcut & Tips

Camera Positioning
  Lineage II uses a third person point of view by default. At times, however, you may want to change the camera positioning for ease of movement or to see more of the game world. You can position the camera with the following options:
Rotate Camera - Move the mouse while holding down the right mouse button to shift the viewpoint to a desired location.
Zoom In and Out - Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out. You may zoom in to see character details, or zoom out to widen your view.
Reverse Camera View - Single-click your mouse wheel to view your character from the front. This may be helpful in seeing enemies coming up from behind when the character is fleeing.
Change Back to Default - A single right-click of the mouse returns the viewpoint to the default point of view.
Change Point of View - Use the Page Up and Page Down keys to change from third person to first person point of view.
Shortcut Keys
Keys Functions Keys Functions
Esc Cancel the current target Tab/Alt+V Open the Inventory
F1~F12 Use assigned shortcut keys
Alt+T View Status window
Alt+F1~F10 Turn the pages in the shortcut key window Alt+K View Skill/Magic window
Page Up/Down Change the camera view
Alt+C View Actions window
Ctrl Hold the Ctrl key while attacking to attack other players (PvP) or friendly NPCs Alt+N Open the Clan Actions window
Alt+Y Open the Lineage II Messenger window Alt+U Open the Quest window
Alt+M View the map Alt+B View the community bulletin board
Alt+J Hide the chat window Alt+X Open the System Menu
Alt+H Hide the interface Alt+R View the Macro list

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