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L2 Top 200

The Chaotic Throne

New Information: [page 1][page 2] (Added on Monday, 27th of November, 2006)

*The Chaotic Throne - Gallery * are proud to announce the name of the continuing saga of Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne. The next major update will be called "Interlude" and it will bring exciting changes and additions to the world of Lineage II in 2007!
Download The movie (High Quality 80MB)

--------------- Last Updated on Monday, 19th of November, 2006 ---------------

New Weapons:




The Chaotic Throne

This winter, the updates continue with 'Chaotic Throne', the first 'Interlude' update to follow the Chaotic Chronicles. This interlude will introduce a number of new systems as described in this article.

New hunting grounds
  • Fight against the Primeval Creatures
    Hunting in the new Interlude will be ladden with suspense. Adventures against the primeval monsters of a new territory awaits you.
  • New hunting concept
    A new hunting area will be introduced - a hybrid between an instanced dungeon and an outdoor field.

Primeval Creature: Jurassic Park?

Evolving Items
  • Variated Items: Refinement System
    The new 'Refinement System' will allow players to add a number of different attributes to items. For example, these attributes include a skill that enlarges your head (hehe) or a skill that allows you to B-soe.

    Item Refining (note: Gemstones needed - 940 A grade gemstones)

    Items showing different applied refinements
    (Refinement stats from left to right:
    - Activates Skill Blessed Scroll of Escape. Cannot be exchanged or dropped.
    - Strength +1, Accuracy +2. Cannot be exchanged or dropped.
    - HP +91, Critical +2.8%, Increases monster's hate on attack. Cannot be exchanged or dropped.
    - Evasion +2, Accuracy +2, Activates skill that makes you invulnerable. Cannot be exchanged or dropped.)
  • Capes now in development
    They haven't been completed yet but they're coming.
  • Rank Items
    New items that show your rank will be added.
  • New weapons
    New weapons will be added. At this point we're only sure of items between A and S grade. It's not clear we will see weapons above S grade in this interlude.

  • New item slot
    A new item slot will be added to your inventory.
Beyond Castle Sieges
  • Fortresses Introduced
    Fortresses will take its place between clan halls and castles. Castle-owning clans cannot participate in Fortress battles. They were designed specifically for smaller clans. Fortress battles will combine PvP and NPC fighting. They seem to be variations on Devastated Castle. Many other updates for small/medium sized clans will follow.

    Image of a Fortress
  • National Wars
    National wars will be larger in scale that castle sieges
  • Air Ships
    New technologies to be used in national warfare include air ships. Air ships will be used to transport armies when striking at full force.
  • Marine, Aerial Combat
    Plans are made to add battles on sea and in air.
  • New NPC force introduced
    Large battles aren't only against players. The new NPC race will be enemy to all.
  • Cross-server National wars
    Wars against nations on other servers are in production
  • Claim your honor
    Participating in national wars will bring you honor and riches.
  • The outcome of national wars define your server
    National wars will affect the entire server. If the war is lost, the town of the warzone will be unusable. If the war is won, the rewards will take the form of new dungeons or new shops.
Taking a break
  • New Mini-Game
    A player-customizable mini-game will be added. It looks to be a type of fun fair. Its content will vary depending on the organizer.

    Mini-game World
  • Wedding Hall added
    A new area for large player events such as a wedding will be added.

    Wedding Hall


Q: Do you plan to add anything to wolves? Other pets buff and heal and become mounts.. all wolves do is bite.
A: There will be a patch for pets. We're thinking of decreasing the feed usage and add more abilities, as well as evolvements for existing pets.

Q:There should be additional effects for weapons at +10 or +16. For example a stronger acumen or focus.
A: The new refinement system will take this into consideration.

Q: Castle sieges can get too confusing. Sometimes people die to clans without any tags and some clans change their clan tags to match the siege tags. Atleast 6 to 20 clans get involved at every siege and it gets impossible to target properly.
A: Additional colour coding is in development.

Q:All fantasy stories have holy swords that stand against demonic swords. Where is the holy sword in L2?
A:That will come in time. At this interlude we'll be adding a Sword of Blood. Unlike the demonic sword this one will have an active skill. There can also be a battle between the Demonic and Blood swords.

Q: Can you please add more clan halls. Most of the clan halls are taken by castle-owning clans leaving none for the smaller clans.
A: We're adding 21 fortresses to be used by small/medium sized clans.

Q: Please add system announcements so that we can know which party succeeded in levelling the soul crystals.
A: We're working on this. It will be added soon.

Q: When will we see the character services such as changing names and moving servers?
A: Around december we should be able to provide name changes. Server changes will take a little longer but it is definitely coming.

Q: Do you think the refinement system will add to an influx of unwanted items, throwing the economy off balance? Can the refinement effects be removed? Are the effects random or predetermined? What's the success rate?
A: The effects can be removed. because of the cost of refinement, we dont' think people will be making too many weapons for the sake of refining. Refinement succeeds at 100% and the effects are random.
(note: In another article on Playforum it's said that the effects are not all random. The options come in different grades - some of these options are static, some of the options are partially random.)

Q: What happened to the new race?
A: We don't have any further announcements prepared on a new race.

Q: What will be the grade of the new items and what will be their special abilities?
A: You will see new items between A and S grades

Q: The bug patches come too late. When will you get to work on the existing bugs (i.e.Devil's Isle)
A: Once we receive reports of the bug it is sent to the Q/A team to test, and then the test results are sent to the development team to fix. So it all takes quite a bit of time. The bug you mention is probably already being looked at.

Translated By L2Guru.

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