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Subjugation of Lizardmen

Description: The merchants and pilgrims around Gludin Village and Giran often get attacked by lizardmen. Due to the cargo car of the Aden Commercial Alliance getting attacked, the Gludin guardsmen are hiring you as a mercenary in order to get rid of the lizardmen. In the process of repeated close fighting with the lizardmen, you learn that an even bigger evil exists behind the lizardmen…



 Start Location

Gludin Village

 Start Npc

Guard Weisz






Yes (Solo)



Quest Guide

1. Start by talking to guard Weisz at the south gate of Gludin.

2. He will send you to the Fellmere Harvest Grounds (left of orc barracks, near the road from gludin).

3. Hunt Felim Lizardmen, Felim Lizardmen Scouts, and Felim Lizardmen Warriors until you have 30 trade cargo boxes.

4. Return to Weisz and he will ask you to join a mission. If you decline you will receive 4090a . If you accept, you will be asked to go talk to Priest Adonius in the temple in Gludin.

5. He will send you to the Lank Lizardmen Dwelling, just south of Forgotten Temple to hunt the Lizardmen until you have one crucifx and one rosary. I got both of these items from the Lank Lizardmen Warriors.

6. Return to Priest Adonius. He will tell you to speak to High Priest Levian in the same building.

7. He will send you to kill Bifrons, a level 21 Raid Boss. To find him, teleport to the Southern Wasteland Entrance, and run south to the beach.

8. After killing Bifrons you have a large chest appear. Doubleclicking it runs through the usual "Open the Chest" where you obtain a "Sinister Statue". Bring the statue back to the Grand Magister where he states he will organise a method of destroying it. He mentions Weiz wants to talk so you head back to Weiz at the south entrance. He offers his thanks from all the ppl of the Gludio kingdom and hands you 14700a.

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