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L2 Top 200
L2 Top 200

Red-Eyed Invaders

Description: N/A.



 Start Location

Gludio Castle Town

 Start Npc

Guard Babenco






No (Solo)


60 Green Colored Lure High Grade, Baby Duck Rod, 500 FS-NG

Quest Guide

Red-Eyed Invaders
By Jute

1. Start by talking to Guard Babenco. He tells you about the lizardmen amassing a force outside Gludio. He asks you to join the militia. Accept this quest.

2. He sends you to Captain Bathis at the Northern gate of Gludio.

3. Captain Bathis thinks you are braved but insults your armor choice and sends you on a dangerous mission.

4. He tells you to hunt Maille Lizardmen, Maille Lizardmen Scouts and Maille Lizardmen Guards for 100 red and 100 black bone necklaces.

5. Travel just outside of town. If you leave the North gate after talking to Captain Bathis, just turn west and they are in the Maille Lizardman Barracks outside of town. The Lizardmen and Scouts drop the Black Bone Necklaces, while the Guards drop the Red.

These are half hitpoint mobs. The Guards are agro, but the others are not. They are, however, highly social and will assist others if they are close enough.

6. After collecting 200 bracelets (100 each red and black) return to Captain Bathis. He tells you of a further threat.

7. Captain Bathis tells you there is a connection between the giant spiders in the area and the Lizardmen. He wants you to kill more Scouts and Guardsmen as well as the Giant Araneids to find out what is happening.

8. Travel back out to the Maille Lizardman Barracks and kill more Maille Lizardmen Scouts and Maille Lizardmen Guards to obtain 30 Incense Pouches and Giant Araneids to obtain 30 Gem of Maille Lizardmen.

9. He tells you they will investigate further.

10. He thanks you and gives you a reward.

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