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L2 Top 200

Vanquish Remnants

Description: The Black Lion, hired by the Lord of Gludio for eliminating the Ol Mahums, has performed very poorly. With many soldiers lost, the Black Lion is recruiting skilled Fighters to battle against the Ol Mahums. Defeat the Ol Mahums and collect their badges as proof. Leopold will reward you.



 Start Location

Gludin Village

 Start Npc







Yes (Solo)


50-70 Adena per badge, Mark of the Black Lion

Quest Guide

1. Begin the quest at Leopold, who can be found near the southeast gate of Gludin.

2. Hunt certain Ol Mahums, which can be found in Abandoned Camp, to obtain their badges. The rewards break down as shown below:

50a - red badge (ol mahum recruits, guards and patrols)
60a - blue badge (ol mahum supplier, shooters, officers)
70a - black badge (ol mahum captain and general)

3. You can trade these badges in to Leopold for the adena rewards at anytime. However, if collect 100 or more badges total and trade them in all at once, Leopold as will give you the Black Lion Mark, which allows you to activate the quest Hunt of the Black Lion in Dion.

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