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Sense for Business

Description: Trader Sarien sells rare magical ingredients to the Ivory Tower of Oren. He tells that you can acquire two of the eight ingredients in the Wastelands: the monster eye meat and jade. He asks you to retrieve the monster eye varcass and the basilisk's gizzard.



 Start Location

Southern Wasteland Entrance

 Start Npc

Trader Sarien






Yes (Solo)


30a - 2000a per item

Quest Guide

1. Speak to Trader Sarien at the Southern Wasteland entrance.

2. He asks you to hunt:

  • Wondering Eye, Hungry Eye, Monster Eye Watcher, Monster Eye Destroyer
    • To get - Monster Eye's Lens and Monster Eye Carcass
  • Lesser Basilisk and Basilisk
    • To get - Basilisk's Gizzard

3. You can get an unlimited number of these items and return at any time with any amount. The reward is 30a for Monster Eye Carcass's, 75a for Basilisk's Gizzard, and 2000a for Monster Eye's Lens.

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