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Hunt of the Black Lion

Description: Sophia, the captain of the Black Lion, recommends that you participate in the mission to eradicate Dion Castle Town of monsters. Receive Sophia's mission and carry out the task of eliminating the undead of the Execution Ground, the Ol Mahums of the Partisan Hideaway, the Delu lizardmen of the southern shores, or the marsh stakato of the Cruma Marshlands.



 Start Location

Dion Castle Town

 Start Npc

Mercenary Captain Sophya






Yes (Solo)


Items to use and/or trade for Adena

Quest Guide

To begin this quest, you’ll need to be a black Lion member. You do this by completing the Vainquish Remnants quest in Gludin (Talk to guard Leopold, level 21+)

Once you have this mark in your inventory, you can begin the quest by talking to Mercenary captain Sophya. She can be found in the center of Dion, standing right outside the human guild.

The basics of this quest is to help the Black Lions in hunting mobs surrounding the Dion area. You get a choice of 4 missions. You can stop a mission or change missions as much as you like by talking to Sophya, without any penalty.

The 4 missions are :

- Hunt the Undead at Execution grounds. She suggests a few types of undead to defeat to get the undead ash, but I have discovered that any type of undead mob inside the execution grounds has a chance to drop undead ash.

Hunt the Ol’Mahums in partisan hideway. Once again, almost all types of Ol’Mahums in Partisan hideway will yeild the quest items (marks of the Ol’Mahum). The mobs that yeilded quest items for the previous quest from Leopold(like Ol’Mahum shooter) will only give you the badges, useless for this quest.

Hunt the Delu lizardmen south of Dion Castle. This is the longest run to get to usefull mobs. The lizardmen don’t use magic (except for the shamans) so if you’re not very magic resistant you may want to try this mission.

Hunt the marsh Skatato in the Cruma marshland. I’ve found Skatatos to be for the higher level players in this quest. They don’t drop as many quest items, but you have a chance, by killing skatatos, to make a giant quest monster Skatato spawn. Once defeated, this quest mob will yeild 8 quest items.

So you choose a mission, and hunt the type of monsters you selected. Drop rates are variables, but usually about 1 in 3 mobs will drop a quest item. But there is a twist… You will also recover from these mobs « cargo boxes » wich appear in your normal inventory. I’ll speak of the uses for these cargo boxes later on.

You can collect as many of the quest items as you want. However, Mercenary captain Sophya will reward with lion claws according to the number of quest items you turn in at one time. If you give her less than 33 quest items, you get no lion claw. 33-49 quest items gets you 1 lion claw. 50-99 quest items will get you 2 lion claws and 100+ quest items will reward you with 3 lion claws. It’s pretty easy to figure out your best bet is to turn in the items 50 at a time. She will also reward you 35 adena per quest item you bring back, regardless of number of items turned in.

Once you have 10 or more lion claws, as soon as you decide to click the « continue the mission » link (trigger), 10 lion claws will be subtracted from your total and you will receive 1 lion eye. You will also receive a random reward, wich is based on the number of lion eyes you have in your possession. The rewards are the following :

Number of eyes 1-4 5-8 9+
Healing pots 20 25 50
Soulshot D 100 200 400
Spiritshot D 50 100 200
Scroll of escape 20 20 30
Swift attack potion 3 3 4

(Thanks to Zanathos for this chart)

Hmmmmmmmm, nice cargo boxes

Remember the cargo boxes in your regular inventory? Mercenary captain Sophya says cargo boxes are your to keep. Here you must make a choice between returning the boxes to the Aden trading guild and trying to open the boxes to keep the content for yourself.

If you want to return the cargo boxes to the Aden trading guild, you will have to go see Guildsman Morgan in Dion. He is located right outside of the magic shop in Dion.

When you return a cargo box to him, you will receive a guild coin and a reward in adena according to the number of coins you already have. If you have 40 coins or less, you will get 100 adena. If you have 41-81 coins, you will get 200 adena, and 82+ coins will get you 300 adena.

While this route is steady in its rewards, it’s pretty boring.

If you want to find out what’s in the box, you will have to go see Mercenary Redfoot in Dion. He is located just behind the Dark Elf guild in Dion, close to the well.

He will offer to open the boxes for you, for a fee, of course. He charges you 650 adena to open a box, so make sure you have a bit of adena before opening your boxes. Also remember that cargo boxes will stack in your inventory, but the rewards don’t, and you can’t go over the 80% limit of your inventory to be able to open boxes.

You will get a random reward from the box, that you can sell at any NPC for adena. The rewards are the following, with the value of each item to the NPC vendors :

Dion Corn Meal = 500a
Dire Wolf Pelts = 500a
Gludio Apples = 500a
Gludio Wheat Flour = 750a
Moonstone = 750a
Spidersilk Rope = 750a
Alexandrite = 1000a
Fragment of Ancient Tablet - 1st Piece = 1000a
Fragment of Ancient Tablet - 2st Piece = 1000a
Fragment of Ancient Tablet - 3st Piece = 1000a
Fragment of Ancient Tablet - 4st Piece = 1000a
Mechanic Golem Spare Parts = 1000a
Silver Tea Service = 1000a
Statue of Silen - Arm = 1000a
Statue of Silen - Head = 1000a
Statue of Silen - Legs = 1000a
Statue of Silen - Torso = 1000a
Avellan Silk Frock = 2500a
Feriotic Porcelain Urn = 2500a
Fire Emerald = 2500a
Imperial Diamond = 10000a

If you have at least one of each part of the ancient tablet or the statue, you can go see blacksmith Rupio in Giran (In the blacksmith shop in Giran). He will assemble the pieces for you for free but he fails a lot (about 50% of the time). If he fails, you lose all the parts and get nothing. However, if he succeeds, you will get a complete tablet for the tablet pieces or a complete statue of Shilien from the statue parts (one of each).

You can turn in the tablets and the statues at regular NPC’s, but you will only get 10000 adena for them. If you go see Iron Gate’s Lockirin in dwarven village, he will pay you 30000 adena for each complete tablet. The statues of Shilien you can take to Abbyssal celebrant Undrias at the temple of Shilien (Dark Elf n00b area) for a 30000 adena reward.

Enjoy ! And remember…

Have Fun ! ™


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