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L2 Top 200

Collector of Jewels

Description: Magister Nell asks you to get the fragment of elemental stone from the Forgotten Temple. However, the man who taught Nell about the elemental stone looks strange in some way...



 Start Location

Gludin Village

 Start Npc

Magister Nell






Yes (Party)



Quest Guide

1.) To start the quest, talk to Magister Nell in the Temple of Einhasad in Gludin. She will ask you to collect elemental shards in the Forgotten Temple.

2.) Move to the Forgotten Temple.

  • Teleport from Gludio: Southern Entrance of the Wasteland (2,400a) and run to Necropolis of Sacrifice, then run north
  • Teleport from Gludin: Langk Lizardman Dwelling (1,700a) and run north
  • Teleport from Priest of Dawn in Gludin: Entrance of Forgotten Temple 1,100aa
  • Run from Gludin: Follow the road south out of the village (the destroyed path). Stay on the road, until you see a beaten path go off to the left. There will be a cave in the side of the mountain.

3.) Collecting Shards - First Round

You will get a shard every other kill. You must collect 50 items from mobs on the fire side and 50 items from mobs on the water side.

  • Water
    • Kill Lakin Undine. They may use a few windstrikes, but are generally melee type. They often spawn with Ritmal Swordmen, which stun. Be careful! I recommend that mystic types avoid these as they are magic resist.
    • Kill Rowin Undine. They are chain-nukers (will not use melee attacks unless out of mana). Try to engage them in melee, as the aura burn they use up close hurts a lot less than those wind-strikes!
    • Kill Roxides. Careful, they have minions.
  • Fire
    • Kill Lakin Salamander. They will generally engage in melee, but if one of them sees you attacking another, it might start chain-nuking. Move straight up to any nuking Lakin Salamander and kill it. They have a very nasty uncurable Damage over Time spell which will soak your entire HP up even above level 30 if it lands - and while you're lower level than them, it lands easily even through Elven Jewellery. Beware that the Sentinels of Water (floating eye types) found on the fire side are social with the salamanders, and that aggressive archer mobs (Patin Archers) spawn near the salamanders.
    • Kill Rowin Salamander. They are aggressive and may use poison (Intensity 4), so carry a few antidotes.
    • Kill Death Fires. They have archer minions and are hard to kill.

4.) Once you have gathered 50 of each, return to Nell. She will give you 12,500 and offer you to quit - or continue. If you continue, she will ask you to gather another 200 of each shard for you.

5.) As above. The drop rate seems increased a little.

6.) Once you have gathered 200 of each, return to Nell and she will give you 63,500a.

The total reward amount is 76,000 adena.

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