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Lizardmen’s Conspiracy

Description: N/A.



 Start Location

Gludio Castle Town

 Start Npc Guard Praga





No (Solo)


42,000 SP

Quest Guide

Lizardmen’s Conspiracy
By Jute

1. Start by talking to Guard Praga outside of the West Gate in Gludio. He will tell you about the Lizardmen invasion after the war with Gracia. He mentions Magister Rohmer looking into things and asks for your help. Accept the quest.

2. He asks you to take a report to Magister Rohmer. He’s located in the Temple in the Northern portion of town.

3. Magister Rohmer tells you that the Araneids are being controlled by magic and asks for your help in doing something.

4. In order to dispel the Lizardmen’s magic he needs you to gather items from both the Lizardmen and the spiders. Fifty shiny colored orbs from Maille Lizardmen Warriors, Maille Lizardmen Shamen, Maille Lizardmen Matriarch and you will also need fifty shiny red colored orbs from the Giant Araneid and Poison Araneid spiders, all of which can be found in the Maille Lizardman Barracks.

5. Travel to the north of the Lizardmen’s area to kill Giant Araneids and Poison Spiders.

and the Maille Lizardmen Warriors, Maille Lizardmen Shamen and Maille Lizardmen Matriarchs until you have 50 of each orb.

6. Return to Magister Rohem with the items.

7. He thanks you and gives you 42,000 SP for your efforts.

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