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Acts of Evil

Description: Investigate the suspicious movements of the turek orcs and ol mahums near Gludin Village. The rumor starts that the legionnaire of the creatures will attack Gludin Village soon.



 Start Location

Gludin Village

 Start Npc Guard Alvah





No (Solo)



Quest Guide

1. Start by talking to Guard Alvah at the north gate of Gludin Village.

2. He sends you to speak to Trader Arodin in the Gludin weapon shop.

3. He instructs you to hunt Turek Orcs and collect 20 Blade Molds. You can find these monsters at Orc Barracks on your map, just north of Gludin.

4. When you get all 20 molds, proceed to talk to Tyra. She is located to the west of the Alter Of Rites.

5. She will give you a bill to take to Trader Arodin back in the Gludin weapon shop.

6. Trader Arodin then sends you back to Guard Alvah at the north gate of Gludin.

7. Guard Alvah then tells you that you need to hunt Tumran Bugbears in the Ruins of Agony until you have 4 Ranger Reports.

8. When you collect all 4 reports, return to Guard Alvah in Gludin.

9. He will then send you to Abandoned Camp to hunt Ol Mahum Generals to receive two items, the Weapons Trade Contract and the Attack Directives.

10. When you get those items, return to Guard Alvah, and he sends you to talk to Neti in the center of Gludin village.

11. Neti instructs you to speak to Trader Rolento at the Southern Entrance to the Wastelands.

12. Rolento sends you all the way up to Orc Barracks to speak to Turek Chief Burai. He is located near the center of Orc Barracks. You can find him by using the Location feature in the Quest tab on the interface.

13. Burai will ask you to kill Ol Mahum Captains and collect 30 Ol Mahum Captain's Head. You can find these monsters at Abandoned Camp again.

14. Return to Burai when you have all 30. He will give you a reward of 8,000a for helping him and send you back to Guard Alvah in Gludin.

15. Speak to Alvah in Gludin and he will give you a reward of 90,000a for helping him, for a total amount of 98,000k.

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