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Curiosity of a Dwarf

Description: Dwarven Trader Rolento is interested in the inner structure and mechanisms of golems. He is especially curious about the power source of golems, and asks you to obtain 'stonehearts' from granite golems or punchers.



 Start Location

Southern Wasteland Entrance

 Start Npc Trader Rolento





Yes (Solo)



Quest Guide

1.) Move to the Southern Entrance of the Wastelands:

  • Teleport from Gludin or Gludio for 2,400a
  • Run south from Gludin past the Forgotten Temple and the Necropolis of Sacrifice. Turn east. You will eventually see a small path leading north and trailing off into the wastelands on your world map - follow that.

2.) Talk to the dwarf (Trader Rolento). He will ask you to collect golem heartstones for him.

3.) Head north into the wastelands and hunt Granite Golems and Punchers. They both melee but may use a magic attack, the punchers a much stronger one: Wear jewellery. There are aggressive "Skeleton Raiders" in the area - kill them as needed. The Quest Monsters you see here are passive, do not attack them (they are strong).

4.) You will get a Broken Heartstone every other mob, and a Golem's Heartstone rarely. Return to Rolento for your reward at any time.

Rolento will give you 50a for each Broken Heartstone, and 1,000a for each Golem's Heartstone you find. He will also pay you a small extra bonus based on how many you brought.

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