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Gather Ingredients for Pie

Description: N/A.



 Start Location

Dion Castle Town

 Start Npc Emily





Yes (Solo)


25.000 Adena

Quest Guide

Gather Ingredients for Pie
By Jute

1. Start by talking to Emily. She is located in Dion past the Magic Shop towards the East gate.

2. She asks for your help in getting honey for her pies.

3. She wants you to bring her 100 Honey Sacs from Wasp Leaders and Wasp Workers from the Beehive area.

4. Travel to the area called Beehive Southeast of Florin and kill Wasp Leaders and Wasp Workers

These are half hitpoint mobs. The Wasp Leaders are agro but the Wasp Workers are not. Everything is social so you should be very careful unless you are a polearm class.

5. Return to Emily in Dion. She will take the Honey Sacs and ask you to get her some spice.

6. She asks you to get some spice from Trader Lara in the Magic Shop in Dion.

7. Lara gives you the spice and asks you to return to Emily.

8. Not done yet, Emily needs you to do one more thing for her.

9. She needs a fruit basket from her son Bright.

10. Go to Guard Bright outside the East gate in Dion.

11. He gives you a fruit basket to take back to his mother.

12. Return to Emily with the fruit basket.

13. She rewards you with 25,000 Adena and tells you to come back again and help her if you wish.

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