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L2 Top 200

Hunting Leto Lizardman

Description: N/A.



 Start Location

Giran Castle Town

 Start Npc Guard Rath





Yes (Solo)


1st: 50 Animal Bone 2nd+: 30.000 adena

Quest Guide

Hunting Leto Lizardman
By Jute

1. Start by talking to Guard Rath. He tells you of a growing problem with lizardmen in the area, but because of politics (the area is actually Oren’s) they can’t send in troops. He wants to hire you as a mercenary. Accept this quest..

2. He wants you to kill the various types of Leto Lizardman, Leto Lizardman Archers, Leto Lizardman Soldiers, Leto Lizardman Warriors and Leto Lizardman Overlords all give the bracelets. You will need 60..

3. Travel to the Plains of the Lizardmen and kill enough to get 60 bracelets.

4. Return to Guard Rath.

5. He gives you the reward. I did this quest three times and the first time received 50 animal bones, the next two times I received 30,000 Adena each time.

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