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L2 Top 200

Method to Raise the Dead

Description: An adventurer that got the treasure of Pirate Zaken was eaten up by Crokian of the fields. She challenges the hero to take on the bizarre hunting task of gathering relics from the Crokian and to save the dead people in order to find out where the treasure is.



 Start Location


 Start Npc Locksmith Dorothy





Yes (Solo)



Quest Guide

1. In Heine talk to Locksmith Dorothy

2. Hunt Crokian and Crokian Warriors, found around Field of Whispers. You have to get all the five pieces:

  • Victim's Arm Bone
  • Victim's Spine
  • Victim's Skull
  • Victim's Rib Bone
  • Victim's Thigh Bone

3. You will also get alot of "Useless Bone Pieces", not sure if they're worth something (Editor's Note: doubt it)

4. After that go talk to Dorothy, she sends you to Dark Elf Xenovia (also in Heine)

5. Talk to Xenovia, buy the "Powder to Summon Dead Souls" for 1000a

6. Talk to Soul Urn/Medium Jar next to Xenovia

7. I got two different answers on my two tries, dunno if it makes a difference

8. Back to Dorothy for the final chat and the rewards:

  • First try I had 28 "Useless Bone Pieces" which also disappeared, got 7350a and 3 Bills of Iason Heine as reward.
  • Second try I had 17 "Useless Bone Pieces" which also disappeared, got 6580a and 3 Bills of Iason Heine as reward.

Bills of Iason Heine can be traded with Roman (Blacksmith I think) for adena of mats.

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