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L2 Top 200

Song of the Hunter




 Start Location

Hunter's Village

 Start Npc Guildsman Grey





Yes (Solo)


Quest Guide

Non repeatable 2 levels (opens jobs for the hunters guild though)

Hunter’s license 1
  • Giant Fungus
    1. Location Sea of spores
    2. Items gained: Sporesea Seed (30 Required)
  • Leto Lizard man medium (Shaman)
    1. Location Just south of hunters Village.
    2. Items gained: Karut Weeds (20 required)
  • Undsus alpha
    1. Location Death Pass
    2. Kill Undsus’s until alpha appears then kill alpha need the skin of alpha (approximately 40)
    3. Items gained: Undsus skin
  • Guardian Basilisks
    1. Location Death Pass
    2. Items gained: Guardian Basilisk scale (20 required)
  • Enchanted Stone Golems and Manashen Gargoyles
    1. Location Ivory tower pit
    2. Items gained: Indigo Runestones (20 required)
  • 3 Brothers Haka, Jaka and Marka
    1. Just north of Giran Castle town. On the very outside edge of Dragon valley [Breka’s Stronghold]
    2. Need to bring their heads back to Hunter Grey, You will need to kill until the first one spawns then kill him, then go back to killing until the second one spawns and then go back to killing until the third one spawns. This by far is the longest portion of this hunt. {Thanks to MrsCHEwUup for her help on locating this area}
    3. Items gained: The heads of Haka, Jaka and Marka

When you collect three out of the six items listed and return to Guildsman Grey you will receive a Hunters license 1-circle.

This opens jobs for the hunters guild as well as private individuals.

2-Circle can be done once you reach level 43.

Good luck and happy hunting.

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