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Conquest of Alligator Island

Description: To fight back at humans who are monopolizing the trade of Innadril, Warehouse Keeper Kluck attempts to establish a free trade zone in neighboring Alligator Island. To do this, someone should slay monsters that are swarming all over Alligator Island. What adventurers will participate in the Conquest of Alligator Island...? A quest for adventurers at levels 38~49 who are hunting on Alligator Island. If you collect 10 rare Map Fragments, you can begin a new quest called "Treasure Hunting".



 Start Location


 Start Npc Freightman Kluck





Yes (Solo)


Treasure Maps

Quest Guide

Conquest of Alligator Island
by LordChaos666

1. Start with talking to Warehouse Freightman Kluck, he will offer you a quest to kill the following monsters on Alligator Island:

Crokian Lad
Dalleon Lad
Crokian Lad Warrior
Farhite Lad
Nos Lad
Swamp Tribe

Note that the Alligators on the island themselves do not count, and if you are going to fight them, it is adviced to take the Alligator Hunter Quest, which sends you to kill Alligators for skin, which gives 40 adena each.

2. Accept his quest.

3. Travel to Alligator Island, which is located north of Heine.

4. Kill the various Lad and Swamp Tribe monsters. You will get Alligator Teeth and an occational torn map piece, every 10 of these pieces can be put together by Kluck to form full treasure maps, which you can use in the Searching for Treasure Quest

5. When you feel like you have enough Alligator Teeth and/or map fragments, return to Kluck (if you have more than 100 teeth, you will recieve bonus for the teeth, the bonus is currently unknown), you will, with bonus, recieve about 300 adena per tooth.

6. He can also piece together every 10 torn map fragments you have into one full pirates treasure map, these treasure maps appear in your regular inventory.

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