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Under the Shadow of the Ivory Tower

Description: Trader Cema, who is the student of Hardin, has asked you to get ingredients to be used in an experiment at the crater of Ivory Tower. She promises to give you various useful items as payment.



 Start Location

Hardin’s Academy

 Start Npc Magic Trader Cema

Dark Elf


Dark Wizard
Elven Wizard
Elemental Summoner
Phantom Summoner


Yes (Solo)


Enchant Scrolls and other items

Quest Guide

by probablyWrong
Solo Type, 40~47, Only Available to Mystic Classes (excludes Orc Mystics)

Quest Walkthrough

1.) Talk to Magic Trader Cema in Hardin's Academy to start the quest. Hardin's Academy can be teleported to from Oren, HV and Giran. If you wish to walk, head up death pass (from Giran) and then turn east along the river. Eventually, a valley will lead south into the mountains (it's visible on the map). There is an evil-looking cave at the end of that valley, and the magic trader is just inside.

2.) Travel to the Ivory Tower and kill Enchanted series (Monstereye, Iron Golems, Stone Golems, Gargoyles) monsters and Manashen Gargoyles to receive "Nebulite Orbs". The orbs are tradable regular items, not quest items.

3.) Return to Cema for a reward.

Gambling With the Quest Items

There are two dwarves in the crater of the Ivory Tower, Marsha and Trumpin.

Marsha is in the north half, standing at the foot of the tower. She will play a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors with you for an ante of 10 nebulite orbs - you bet 10 orbs to begin the game. If you win you receive 20, if you draw you get your 10 orbs back, and if you lose she keeps all orbs. Warning: Marsha will eventually claim to have run out of orbs. This happens when you have bet all the orbs that you earned through killing mobs once. (I.e. if you earn 100 orbs, you can play 10 games with Marsha). This will happen regardless of how many orbs she won or lost.

Trumpin is in the south half, on the outer wall, sligthly west of the bridge. He will play a simple toin-cossing game - you choose head or tails, if you're right you win 10 orbs, if you're wrong you have to pay him 10. If you get two right in a row, you will get 30 orbs, and after that 50 (I think). You can not lose more than 10 orbs a go with Trumpin. As far as I can tell, he will let you play as long as you have orbs.

There are three types of rewards:

1.) Hand the orbs in for money. You will receive 125 adena for each orb.

2.) Buy items with the orbs. Here's a list:

  • Haste Potion (10 orbs)
  • Res Scroll (15 orbs)
  • Potion of Alacrity (20 orbs)
  • 10 Cursed Bones (20 orbs)
  • Scroll of Enchant Armour: D (100 orbs)
  • Scroll of Enchant Armour: C (400 orbs)

    3.) Use ectoplasm liqueur with the Lich King for a random reward. (Buy this from Cema for 200 orbs).
    Possible Rewards (list probably incomplete):

  • Enchant Weapon: C
  • Enchant Weapon: D
  • Spiritshot: Grade C (503)
  • Scroll of Escape
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