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L2 Top 200

Make a Pair of Dress Shoes

Description: N/A.



 Start Location

Tower of Aden

 Start Npc Trader Woodley





No (Party)


Dress Shoe Box (For Please Make Me Formal Wear Quest)

Quest Guide

Make a Pair of Dress Shoes
By Jute

This is a 5 part quest, you have to get the main quest to get the 4 subquests:

Please Make Me Formal Wear! - Main quest
In Search of Cloth
Let’s Find Glittering Jewelry!
Make a Sewing Kit
Make a Pair of Dress Shoes

Items needed to complete all 5 Quests in total
Adena 500,000
Suede 3,000
Thread 5,600
Oriharukon 15
Silver Nuggets 500
Thons 150
Artisan Frame 10
Leather 200

1. To start, talk to Trader Woodley in Aden Castle Town at the Weapons and Armor Shop.

2. Trader Woodley tells you he needs matching material to make the shoes.

Accept the quest. He tells you to get the material from Maid Leikar.

3. Maid Leikar is located just outside the shop.

4. Go to Maid Leikar and ask for material for the shoes.

5. Maid Leikar tells you she doesn’t have any material to spare and sends you back to Trader Woodley with instructions to do the same as he did before.

6. Trader Woodley asks for your help making the shoes.

7. He needs 200 leather and 600 thread.

8. When you return with the materials he requests an additional 200,000 adena.

9. He tells you to take 300,000 Adena to Trader Ian while he makes the shoes.

10. Travel to the Ivory Tower.

11. Pay Trader Ian 300,000 Adena.

12. Trader Ian complains and sends you back to Trader Woodley.

13. Return to Trader Woodley in Aden Castle Town.

14. He gives you a Dress Shoe Box for use in the Please Make Me Formal Wear! quest.

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