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Audience With The Land Dragon
(Anthras Quest)

Description: Quest that must be completed in order to obtain the 'portal stone', which is needed enter the Lair of Antharas. Seal Watchman Gabrielle warns that the land dragon, Antharas, has been awakened from its long slumber, and recommends you to join the party being sent to slay the monster. According to her, the Lair of Antharas is surrounded by a magical field and is thus unapproachable. However, the one who possesses the 'portal stone' may be able to activate the 'heart of the field' to pass through. Only the ones acknowledged by the seal watchmen may receive the stone. Follow Gabrielle's instructions and visit the other four watchmen. Complete their assignments to receive their acknowledgements. The four watchmen of the seal are the following: Magister Kaiena of the Ivory Tower, Prefect Chakiris of the Hunters' Village, and Master Kendra and High Priest Orben of the Town of Aden.



 Start Location

Giran Castle Town

 Start Npc Gabrielle





Yes (Solo)


Portal Stone

Quest Guide

To begin this quest, talk to Gabrielle in Giran Castle Town and received quest item Feather of Gabrielle.

She will ask to get four Marks of Watchman from the following people in any order:

  • 1. Magister Kaiena of Ivory Tower
  • 2. Prefect Chakiris of Hunter's Village
  • 3. Master Kendra of Aden Castle Town
  • 4. High Priest Orven of Aden Castle Town

    MAGISTER KAIENA is on the fourth floor of Ivory Tower at the Dark Elven Wizard Guild. She will ask you to get 1 quest item Marsh Drake Talon by killing Marsh Drakes (Level 55 aggro in Forsaken Plains) and Marsh Stalker Horn by killing Marsh Stalkers (Level 54 passive in Forsaken Plains). Once completed, Kaiena will give you a Mark of Watchman.

    PREFECT CHAKIRIS is standing next to High Prefect Garuarentz at the Orc Guild in Hunter's Village. He will ask you to get 1 quest item Kranrot Skin by killing Kranrot (Level 59 aggro in Giant's Cave) and Hamrut Leg by killing Hamrut(Level 58 passive in Giant's Cave). Once completed, Chakiris will give you a Mark of Watchman.

    MASTER KENDRA is in the Warrior Guild on the east side of Aden Castle Town. She will ask you to get 1 quest item Totem of Land Dragon by killing Harit Lizardman Shaman, west and north of Anghel Waterfall. After killing a Shaman, Harit Lizardman Zealots will spawn and you can kill them for the Totem. Once completed, Kendra will give you a Mark of Watchman.

    HIGH PRIEST ORVEN is in the Einhasad Temple of Aden Castle TOnw. He will ask you to get 1 quest item Remains of Sacrificed by killing Bloody Queen (Level 60 aggro outside of Dragon Valley Cave and in the Forbidden Gateway). You actually have to kill the Bloody Queen's minions that spawn after the Queen is killed. They are easy. Once completed, Orven will give you a Mark of Watchman.

    With all 4 Marks of Watchman, return to Gabrielle in Giran, who asks you to get another 2 Marks of Watchman from the following Guardians of the Seal.

  • 1. Warehouse Chief Moke of Gludin
  • 2. Blacksmith Helton of Oren

    WAREHOUSE CHIEF MOKE is in the warehouse of Gludin Town. He asks you to get the 2 quest items 1st Fragment of the Abyss Jewel; and proof Mara Fang. Despite Moke telling you to go to Gludio, the Abyss Jewel 1 is in the northwest shores of Gludin by Windy Hills (-81304, 75634, -3360 or X=39.25 by Y=47.5). To get the fragment, you only have to hit the Abyss Jewel a few times as it has uber hp, but you also need to wait for his 15+ minions to spawn after 1/2 hp. Then start running, because they will kill you if they hit you all at once. The minions are slow, so you need to pick them off. Try to have a party for this part. After killing a couple of minions, you should get the item Mara Fang. Then keep attacking the Abyss Jewel until you earn the 1st Fragment of Abyss Jewel. Once completed, Moke will give you a Mark of Watchman.

    BLACKSMITH HELTON is in the Blacksmith Shop in the eastern part of Oren. He asks you to get the 2 quest items 2nd Fragment of the Abyss Jewel and proof Musfel Fang. The Abyss Jewel 2 is located outside of Sea of Spores, so you can port from Oren Gatekeeper and run south a little. Same strategy here. Once completed, Helton will give you a Mark of Watchman.

    With all 2 Marks of Watchman, return to Gabrielle in Giran to receive Herald of Slayer.

    Go to Watchman of the Land Dragon Antharas Gilmore at the entrance of Dragon Valley. You have to run from Giran through Death Pass. Gilmore will send you into Dragon Valley. Head back to Giran and port from Giran Gatekeeper to Dragon Valley. From there, kill either a Cave Keeper (passive) or Cave Maiden (aggro). Once killed, 5-6 Jewel Guardian minions will spawn along with Abyss Jewel 3. Kill them and attack the Abyss Jewel 3 and get the 3rd Fragment of the Abyss Jewel.

    Then go to Watchman of the Land Dragon Antharas Theodric at the entrance to DVC (Antharas' Lair) to turn in the last fragment. You will received the Portal Stone, which you can use at the Heart of Warding to teleport into Antharas' Nest. You can repeat this quest and have multiple portal stones at once.

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