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Pursuit Of Clan Ambition

Description: Quest that must be completed in order to raise clan level to lv. 5. Upon meeting Sir Gustaf Athebaldt in the town of Oren, he expresses his desire to aid the young and courageous leaders for the future of the kingdom. He promises to give you the 'Proof of Expectation,' which is needed when expanding the clan's powers and influences should you consent to joining forces with him. Sir Athebaldt asks you to aid him in preparing for the attack against the green dragon Antharas, and tells you to go and meet Marvin in Giran Castle Town.



 Start Location

Town of Oren

 Start Npc Sir Gustaf Athebaldt





Yes (Party)


Proof of Aspiration and 250k SP

Quest Guide

You must be the leader of a level 4 clan in order to activate this quest. The reward is an item required to raise your clan to level 5. While there is no level requirement for this quest, you should be at least level 50 to easily complete the quest since the leader will be needing last hit on some level 60+ monsters. Talk to Sir Gustaf Altebalt in the Souteast corner Oren Castle Town.

Go to Giran and talk to Martien, who is near the Northeast exit. He will ask you to collect Thunder Wyrm eggs, Drake eggs, Blitz Wyrm eggs, and Mist Drake eggs (10 of each).

To obtain the eggs you must get last hit on Thunder Wyrms and Drake to obtain their eggs. They are located to the west of the DV teleport spot. While you can obtain the Mist Drake and Blitz Wyrm eggs from normal Drakes as well it is much faster if you speak with the corpses of the Bounty Hunters previously sent on this mission. Besides the rewards, which are shown below, they will also spawn the Quest Monster Blitz Wyrms, which you can kill to obtain the Blitz Wyrm eggs.

After collecting all of the quest items you should have 10 of each egg and the Brooch of the Magpie, which you should have obtained from the corpse of Kurtz. These items all appear in your normal, not quest, inventory.

Bring the brooch to Head Blacksmith Klusto near the West exit of Giran to exchange the Brooch of the Magpie for A Black Anvil Coin.

Bring the eggs back to Martien.

Return to Sir Gustaf Altebalt in Oren, who will send you to Balthazar, a Dwarf standing outside of the Blacksmith in Hunter's Village. He will tell you to hunt Lesser Giant Soldiers and Lesser Giant Scouts in Giant's Cave to obtain 10 Titan's Powerstones and 10 Nebulite Crystals. He will also exchange the Black Anvil Coin for the Titan's Powerstone recipe, which a dwarf must register to craft the Titan's Powerstones. You obtain Broken Titan's Powerstones and you must craft them into Titan's Powerstone. The recipe is level 2 and has a success rate of 25%.

Once you have 10 Titan's Powerstones and 10 Nebulite Crystals, return to Balthazar in Hunter's Village.

Return to Sir Gustaf Altebalt in Oren, who will send you to Sir Eric Rodemai in Aden Castle Town, who will send you to Witch Cleo, who is found near the bridge to the Cemetary,

Some NPCs will pop up and give you a riddle. Return to Sir Eric Rodemai to decipher the riddle.

Go to the East end of the Cemetary and hunt Grave Keepers. You need last hit to occasionally get a Quest Monster Grave Keymaster to spawn. From these you will obtain Imperal Keys. You need 6 of them.

Once you have six Imperial Keys, you must go to the West End of the Cemetary and kill the Imperial Grave Keeper. While fighting the Keeper, Imperial Slaves will spawn.

In addition, everyone around the GraveKeeper will be teleported to a different cemetary twice. The location you get ported to is shown below:

When you get teleported, just run back until you stop getting teleported (it should only happen twice). The clan leader needs to get last hit on the Imperial GraveKeeper in order to make the Imperial Coffer spawn. Use the 6 Imperial Keys to open it and obtain the Sceptor of Judgement.

After killing the GraveKeeper an imperial coffer will spawn if the clan leader got last hit. The Clan leader must have 6 keys to open the coffer to obtain the Sceptor of Judgement.

Return the Sceptor to Sir Eric Rodemai in Aden and then return to Sir Gustaf Altebalt in Oren to obtain the Proof of Aspiration and 250k SP.

To raise your clan to level 5, take the Proof of Aspiration to any Grandmaster and you can pay the Proof of Aspiration and 3.5 million SP.


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