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L2 Top 200

An Arrogant Search
(Baium Quest)

Description: Heroes wander around everywhere to find the chests of secrets that are scattered around in order to fight with Baium. But Einhasad does not want them to face Baium. What could be the fate of the heroes that oppose the will of the goddess?



 Start Location

Tower of Aden

 Start Npc Magister Hanellin





Yes (Solo)


Bloody Fabrics

Quest Guide

1. The quest starts in Aden Castle Town. Go to the Dark Elf Guild and talk to Hanellin.

2. She asks you to bring her back a titan power stone You can obtain this by hunting Lesser elder, or lesser mage giants at Giants Cave.

3. Return to the Dark Elf Guild, and speak to Hanellin again.

4. Talk to Athebalt, she is out the north exit towards the castle.

5. Go to the Cemetary, close to where the raid boss is and talk to this chest. An angel will appear, you will have to fight him. Then talk to the chest again. Once you've done this return to Athebalt.

Now go to Giran. And talk to Martien.

6. You'll have to run out of Giran towards Dion. The chest is up on a mountain. You will have to talk to the cheast then an archer (looks like a platnum tribe) appears, he is easy to disposed of. Talk to the chest.

7. Go now to Dark Eleven Village. Once there go to the Dark Elf Temple to the north. Go inside and speak to Magister Harne.

8. You'll run out of Dark Eleven Village and head south towards the mountians. Once there you'll find the arc guardians corpse. TALK TO THIS FIRST NOT THE CHEST! When you talk to it, this nasty angel killer guy appears. So of course you'll have to lay the smack down on his unholy arse. Talk to the corpse to get the key then talk to the chest.Go back to Dark Eleven Village and talk to Magister Harne then return to Giran and talk to Martien.

-The corpse is up a small ravine. and sitting by its self.

-The chest isn't near the Guardian but go back down the ravine and to the left you'll see large rocks, the chest is there.

9. Return to Aden, and talk to Hanellin again. She gives you a shopping list. Go buy 1 healing pot and 5 antidotes, then return to her.

10. Once you return to her, she asks some questions. It doesnt matter what you choose. You will get the white cloth and 49k adena.

11. Form a group and go hunt Platinum Tribe Shamans and Overlords to obtain the bloody fabrics. Once you have the bloody fabrics, do NOT talk to the NPC again. Otherwise, he will take all of your fabrics and you will have to start the quest over again.

You can now use the bloody fabrics to port in to see Baium at the top of Tower of Insolence.

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