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Mimir's Elixir (path to a Subclass)

Description: N/A.



 Start Location

Ivory Tower

 Start Npc Magister Ladd





No (Solo)


Enchant Weapon Scroll (Grade A)

Quest Guide

Before you start the quest:
- You must be level 75.
- You must have finished the Fate's Whisper (A Grade Weapon) quest
in order to start your path to a subclass.

This quest involves doing two different quests. Mimir's Elixir quest is the main quest, but in order to finish it you need to also have the Supplier of Reageants quest (A grade armor recipe/mat quest) registered.

1. Talk to Magister Ladd at 4th floor of Ivory Tower

Ladd tells you to bring him Pure Silver, which can only be gotten through the other quest - Supplier of Reageants.

2. Talk to Supplier Wesley at basment of Ivory Tower
He will give you the Supplier of Reageants quest which is needed to get the quest items. Once you've got this quest, you can talk to the Cauldron located in the basement and see various things you can make by combining quest items.
The only formulas you need to know from this list are:
10 Moonstone shards + 1 Volcano Ash = 1 Moondust
10 Moondust + 1 Quick Silver = 1 Lunagent
1 Lunagent + 1 Quick Silver = 1 Pure Silver

3. Hunt Halate's Maids and Hames Orc Shaman
100 Moonstone Shards from Halate's Maids on 3rd floor of Toi
10 Volcano ashes from Hames Orc Shaman in Blazing Swamps
2 Quick Silver. Quick Silver drops from both Halate's Maids and Hames Orc Shamans

4. Bring back the collected items to ivory Tower
Once you've collected all items, go back to the Cauldron in IT and combine them according to the formulae to get Pure Silver. You can gamble a bit on the lesser reagents and select a high temperature to get more than one. Choose 1 degree to be safe and not risk failure.
However, you must choose 1 degree when making the Pure Silver. This is specified in the quest.

5. Bring the Pure Silver to Ladd on 4th floor of IT.
He will tell you he needs True Gold.

6. Talk to Magister Joann on 3rd floor IT.
She will ask you to go to Field of Silence to hunt Chimera Piece? to get a Stone of Wisdom.

7. Hunt Chimera Piece under Giant's Cave in Field of Silence
The drop is determined by most damage done. The mob is easy so even healer classes shouldn't have a problem soloing it. Once you've got the Stone of Wisdom go back to IT.

8. Talk to Magister Joann in IT again.
Give her the stone. Get the True Gold.

9. Talk to Ladd at 4th floor IT
Give him the True Gold.

10. Hunt Bloody Guardians
Hunt bloody guardians in DVC for a Blood Fire. These drop to whoever gets last hit.

11. Back to IT
Now combine Pure Silver and True Gold together with the Blood Fire in the Cauldron in IT basement to get Mimir's Elixir.
Use 3rd degree to combine.
(There's been rumours that this has a chance of failing but I've yet to hear of anyone actually failing. So no worries.)

12. Bring Mimir's Elixir to Ladd
Once you've talked to Ladd the elixir should disappear from the inventory and the quest will be completed.
You will get an A grade weapon enchant as a bonus.
(Don't try to use the elixir as it may bug out the quest.)

Training your Subclass
You now have earned the right to train 1 subclass. Talk to the blacksmith, Grand Master, Grand magister... etc.. depending on the class you want to train.
(For example if you want to sub Gladiator you would talk to the Grand Master at human trainers.)
Same logic applies if you want to switch back to your main class. You would go talk to the Grand Master that applies to your main class.

Keep in mind the restrictions in choosing your subclass
1. Elves and Dark Elves cannot choose each others' classes as subclass
2. You can't choose Overlord or Warsmith
3. A similar class cannot be chosen for a subclass. Similar groups of classes are
- Treasure Hunter, Plain Walker, Abyss Walker
- Hawkeye, Silver Ranger, Phantom Ranger
- Paladin, Dark Avenger, Temple Knight, Shillien Knight
- Warlock, Elemental Summoner, Phantom Summoner
- Sorcerer, Spell Singer, Spell Howler
To view what subclasses are available for your class, you should go to the Site's Available Subclass Tool

Other Notes:
1. You can't change the subclass you've chosen.
2. Once your subclass is lvl75 you can do Mimir's Elixir quest again to train another.
3. You can choose upto 2 subclasses.
4. Beware of changes in weight capacity when you switch to your subclass.
5. All buffs disappear when you switch to subclass.
6. The sin eater quest disappears when you switch classes.
Congratulations on completing your path to a subclass.

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