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L2 Top 200

Path to a Palus Knight
Description: Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupations to a Palus Knight. Master Virgil says, you must capture the 'gaze of abyss' through a trial in order to become a Palus Knight. And he asks you to bring thirteen lycanthrope skulls for the first process of the trial, the thirteen skull ceremony.
 Level  19
 Start Location

 Gludio Castle Town

 Start Npc

 Master Virgil

 Races  Dark Elf

 Dark Fighter


 No (Solo)

 Reward  Gaze of Abyss
Quest Walkthrough

In this quest, you get to make your own coffin!

Start by going to the Dark Elven guild in Gludio. It is the last building on the left side as you are heading towards the east gate. Triskel is standing outside it, so you'll know you have the right place.

Once inside, talk to Virgil. He tells you in order to become a Palus Knight, you need to pass two trials. The first is the Ritual of 13 Skulls. He gives you a Pallus Talisman and sends you on your way.

Head to the neutral zone and hunt Lycanthropes until you get 13 skulls. They drop very fast, so it won't take long.

Take the skulls back to Virgil. He gives you a letter to take to Abyssal Celebrant Kalinta in Gludin. She is in the north-western most building in Gludin.

When you talk to her about a "Coffin of Eternal Rest", she gives you a talisman and sends you off to hunt for some items.

Head South down the road along the coast and find some Poison Spiders. Kill them until you get a Preadtor's Carapace from them. Then, hunt Arachnid Trackers until you get 5 Trimden Silk from them.

Take the items back to Kalinta, and she then makes your own coffin. You carve your name in it to mark it your own, and then are sent back to Virgil in Gludio.

Virgil gives you "Gaze of Abyss". Once you hit level 20, talk to Grand Master Tobias in the same building, and you can finally change to a Palus Knight!

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