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Path to a Shillien Oracle
Description: Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupations to a Shilien Oracle. To become a Shilien Oracle, Sorceress Sidra explains that you must acquire the two books written in ancient rune: the 'Garmiel Book' and the 'Andariel Book.' The first step is to visit Sorcerer Talbot in the Village of Gludin, and hear about the way to obtain the Garmiel Book.
 Level  19
 Start Location

 Gludio Castle Town

 Start Npc

 Magister Sidra

 Races  Dark Elf

 Dark Mage


 No (Solo)

 Reward  Orb of Abyss
Quest Walkthrough

First step is to talk to Magister Sidra in the Dark Elven guild in Gludio. Its the building on the left just before you exit the east gate. She will tell you if you wish to become a Shillien Oracle, you will need to find 2 books: the Garmiel Book and the Andariel Book.

Go to Gludin and talk to Magister Talbot in the Dark Elf guild there (the building in the north-west corner of the town). He will tell you about Garmiel's Book.

Go to the entrance road to the School of Dark Arts and hunt Dark Succubuses and get 5 Scrolls of Bloody Runes. The drop is 100% so shouldn't take any time at all.

Take the Scrolls back to Talbot and get Garmiel's Book. He will then instruct you to go talk to Priest Andonius. He is located in the church, just behind the Gatekeeper. Andonius will tell you about Andariel's book.

He sends you to get 10 ashes (to put fallen to rest) after giving you a hard time. Go to the Ruins of Despair and hunt the Zombie Soldiers and Zombie Warriors until you have the 10 ashen bones.

Take the bones back to Adonius, and he will give you the second book. Head back to Magister Talbot and he will send you back to Sidra with the books.

Return to Gludio and give Sidra the books. She gives you the Orb of Abyss.

Once you hit level 20, with the orb, go see Grand Master Tobias in Gludio to become a Shillien Oracle!


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