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L2 Top 200

Path to an Artisan
Description: Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupations to an Artisan. If you ask the Dwarf Village Blacksmith Silvery, he will tell you that to become an Artisan, you must receive recognition from three Blacksmiths that have been Artisans for a long time. First, complete his task to receive the first certificate.
 Level  19
 Start Location

 Dwarven Village

 Start Npc

 Blacksmith Silvera

 Races  Dwarf

 Dwarven Fighter


 No (Solo)

 Reward  Final Pass Certificate
Quest Walkthrough

1. Talk to Blacksmith Silvera. She will give you Silvera's Ring.

2. Hunt Boogle Ratman (lvl 16 passive) to collect 10 Boogle Ratman Tooth, and Boogle Ratmen Leaders (lvl 18 passive) to collect 2 Boogle Ratman Leader's Big Tooth. They can be found in the Dwarven Mines, and are marked on the map.

3. Give the teeth to Blacksmith Silvery. She will give you the 1st Pass Certificate.

4. Use the gatekeeper at the south end of the village to teleport to Gludin.

5. Talk to Blacksmith Kludo at the blacksmiths in the southwest of town. He will give you Kluto's Letter.

6. Go to Gludio and talk to Blacksmith Pinter at the blacksmiths near the west exit. He takes the letter and gives you Footprint Of Thief.

7. Hunt Vuku Orc Fighters (lvl 17 aggressive) until you get a Stolen Secret Box1. To find these, go along the north road of Gludin, towards Orc Barracks. Before you reach the Barracks though, you should find Vuku Orc Fighters on either side of the road, just about where the road splits.

8. Give the box and footprint to Blacksmith Pinter, and he will give you the Secret Box2 and 2nd Pass Certificate.

9. Return to Gludin, and give the box and certificates to Blacksmith Kludo. Be sure not to tell him how you really got it or you will get Pinter in trouble. He will give you the Final Pass Certificate.

10. Once you reach level 20, talk to Head Blacksmith Tapoy to become an Artisan.

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