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Path to a Scavenger
Description: Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupations to a Scavenger. Collector Pippi of the Dwarven Village encourages all successful Dwarves to become Scavengers. However, to become a Scavenger, one must receive the permission of Master Toma, whose whereabouts are currently unknown. According to rumor, Master Toma's younger sister, Trader Mion, may know where he is.
 Level  19
 Start Location

 Dwarven Village

 Start Npc

 Collector Pippi

 Races  Dwarf

 Dwarven Fighter


 No (Solo)

 Reward  Ring Of Raven
Quest Walkthrough

Note: Expect to spend 8+ hours on this quest, and bring some escape scrolls.

1. Talk to Collector Pipi in the collector building in the northwest of the Dwarven Village. She will give you Pipi's Letter Of Introduction.

2. Take the letter to Trader Mion in the magic shop at the south of town. She will give you one of three delivery tasks in town which you must complete.

3. Repeat step #2, 5-20+ times. Eventually she will give you Mion's Letter.

4. Talk to Master Toma to get the Bear Pic, he is at one of 3 locations. Take the gatekeeper to the northeast shore,  then check 154k, -220k (a small island on the far north shore) and 179k, -184k (north exit of mithril mines) and 152k, -175k (bottom of the spiral stars inside the north exit of coal mines). He teleports between the locations often enough that you will have extreme difficulty chasing him down.

5. Hunt Hunter Bears (lvl 14 passive) by yourself, near the northeast beach teleport point. Every 20-30 kills a Honey Bear (lvl 17 passive) will spawn. When killed the Honey Bear will drop you a Honey Jar. You must spoil and sweep them. Repeat until you have 5 jars.

6. Find Master Toma again (see step #4) and give him the jars. He will give you a Tarantula Pic.

7. Hunt Hunter Tarantula (lvl 16 passive) and Plunder Tarantula (lvl 17 aggressive), until you collect 20 Beads. You must spoil and sweep them. They are in the valley east of the bears.

8. Track down Master Toma yet again, and give him the beads. He will give you a Bead Parcel, and send you to Gludin.

9. Talk to Warehouse Keeper Raut in Gludin. He will take the parcel, and give you Rout's Teleport Scroll.

10. Take the scroll to Torai near the west end of Dragon Valley at 71k, 125k. He will give you Succubus' Undies. Be VERY careful, as any monster in the area can kill you in 2 hits.

11. Return to Warehouse Keeper Raut in Gludin. He will take the undies and give you a Ring Of Raven.

12. Once you reach level 20, talk to Warehouse Chief Moke in Gludin to become a Scavenger.

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