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Path to an Elven Oracle
Description: Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupations to an Oracle. For becoming an Oracle, Priest Manuel speaks of the Revelation of the Torch, and asks you to investigate the truth about the recent appearance of a girl who brings miracles near the lighthouse.
 Level  19
 Start Location

 Gludio Castle Town

 Start Npc

 Priest Manuel

 Races  Elf

 Elven Mage


 No (Solo)

 Reward  Leaf of Oracle
Quest Walkthrough

1. When you reach level 19, go talk to Priest Manuel at the church in Gludio. He will give you a Crystal Medallion.

2. Go to Gludin and find the girl who supposedly works miracles. Her name is Allana and she is by the lighthouse immediately south of the docks (-92200,154300). Talk to her and you get two choices - I picked "show me a miracle" after "return to temple" didn't seem to do anything.

3. A lizardman, a lizardman scout, and a lizardman warrior spawn (all light blue to me at 19). Dispatch them and you get Lizardman Captain's Orders.

4. Talk to Allana again. She tells you she is a fraud, and she wants you to get money from Perrin that he owes her. She needs the money to help her brother who is ill. You get Half of Diary from her.

5. Perrin can be found by the lighthouse immediately north of the docks. He is unwilling to give up the money; again you have two options -- I picked "go to h---", but I suspect "telling the guards" would have the same effect.

6. Perrin summons his bodyguard Tamil (white to me at level 19). Dispatch Tamil and you get Tamil's Necklace.

7. Talk to Perrin again. He gives you Swindler's Money.

8. Return to Allana. She tells you it is too late for her brother and tells you to keep the money. Half of Diary is replaced with Allana's Diary.

9. Return to Priest Manuel at the church in Gludio. Allana's Diary, Lizardman Captain's Orders, and Swindler's Money are replaced with Leaf of Oracle.

10. When you reach level 20, talk to High Priest Raymond at the church in Gludio. He will take the Leaf of Oracle and you are now an Oracle.

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