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Path to an Elven Wizard
Description: Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupations to an Elven Wizard. Rosella speaks that only the one who gets the jewels that represent each of the four elements may become an Elven Wizard. She hands you the fertility peridot, which symbolizes earth, and asks you to find the rest.
 Level  19
 Start Location

 Elven Village

 Start Npc


 Races  Elf

 Elven Mage


 No (Solo)

 Reward  Eternity Diamond
Quest Walkthrough

The good thing about this quest is it all takes place near and at the Elven Village. The bad thing is there is a lot and I mean a lot of hunting involved.

Talk to Rosella who is located in the building on the west side of the inner ring near the World Tree. She will ask you to deliver a letter to Magister Greenis located in the palace (the largest building) in the Elven Village.

Take the letter to Magister Greenis. He will ask you to collect 5 clumps of Red Down from Pincer Spiders in order to earn the magical power of fire from the ruby. Pincer Spiders can be found near the ruins that are west of the town along the road.

After collecting the down from the spiders, return to Greenis and he will give you the Magical Powers Ruby.

Next speak with Rosella again. She will give you an Appetizing Apple to be delivered to Thalia on the eastern shore of Iris Lake.

Deliver the Appetizing Apple to Thalia. She will give you the task of gathering 5 Golden Leaves from Dryad Elders. The elders can be found in the same area as the Pincer Spiders.

Once 5 Golden Leaves have been gathered return them to Thalia. She will give you a Pure Aquamarine.

Return to Elven Village and speak again with Rosella. She will give you the book of Immortal Love. To earn your Nobility Amethyst, you will first need to deliver the book to Northwind who is at the entrance of the Elven Fortress.

After you deliver the book to Northwind, he will tell you in order to earn the Nobility Amethyst you must collect 2 regular amethysts by killing Sukar Wererat Leaders deep within the Elven Fortress. It is recommended at this point you gather several people to help you get to the Sukar Wererat Leaders, which are aggressive. They are also pretty far in, and you will be fighting your way past a large number of other mobs also.

After gathering the 2 regular amethysts journey back to Northwind and give them to him. He will then create a Nobility Amethyst for you.

Deliver the Nobility Amethyst to Rosella.

When you speak with Rosella all of your magic jewels will disappear and you will receive an Eternity Diamond.

Now, once you hit level 20, with diamond in hand, talk to High Priest Raymond in Gludio, and begin your career as an Elven Wizard!

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