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Path to a Cleric
Description: Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupations to a Cleric. Tell Priest Zigaunt that you wish to become a Cleric, and he will say that you must prove your pure faith. To do this, you must remove all inappropriate books that criticizes the current order. The first rumors about those books appeared in the town of Gludio. Go and investigate about the book, 'Understanding of Miracles.'
 Level  19
 Start Location

 Gludin Village

 Start Npc

 Priest Zigaunt

 Races  Human



 No (Solo)

 Reward  Mark of Faith
Quest Walkthrough

This quest involves a lot of running around, and also requires a trip to Talking Island and back.

First, talk to Priest Zigaunt in Gludin, in the building right beside the Gatekeeper. Zigaunt tells you in order to prove your faith, you will need to get some books that criticize your faith. Zigaunt gives you a "Letter of Order".

Head to Gludio and talk to Simplon, one of the traders in the weapon/armor shop. He gives you 3 of the 5 books you need.

Next go talk to Priestess Vivyan in the church, located to the right of the north gate of the town. She will give you the "Book of Vivi".

Go talk to guard Praga, who is stationed at the west gate.He will give you a necklace and tell you in order to get the last book, you will need to get his mother's pendant, that was stolen by some Ruin Zombies. Head off to the Ruins of Agony and kill the zombies until one drops the pendant. Head back to Praga and get his book.

Travel back to Gludin and talk to Zigaunt. He will tell you to go to Talking Island and go see the author of the books, Lionel.

Once in the village, go out the west gate towards the elf ruins. Look on the north side of the road, and when you find some ruins, Lionel should be near them. He will give you a book.

Go back to the town and talk to Grand Magister Gallint. He will give you a certificate to give back to Lionel. Once you hand Lionel the certificate, you will get "Lionel's Covenant".

Travel back to Gludin and give Zigaunt the Covenant. You will receive the Mark of Faith.

As soon as you hit level 20, talk to High Priestess Levian in Gludin to become a Cleric!

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