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Path to a Human Knight
Description: Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupations to a Knight. Sir Karol Vasper explains that the 'Trial of the Esquire' must be performed in order to become a Knight. Squires must travel to other villages and serve errands of Captains and High Priests. You must gather more than 3 Lord's Mark.
 Level  19
 Start Location

 Gludin Village

 Start Npc

 Sir Klaus Vasper

 Races  Human



 No (Solo)

 Reward  Sword of ritual
Quest Walkthrough

1. Visit Sir Karrel Vasper just outside of the human/elf train building (in Gludin) to start the Knight quest. He will ask you to bring back 3 coin of lords.

2. Visit Highpriest Levian in the church. She will ask you to bring back 20 totems that you receive from killing Langk Lizardmen.

3. Visit Captain Bezique at the west gate of Gludin. He will ask you to bring back 20 Poison Spider legs. You get these from killing Poison Spiders.

4. It is a good idea to talk to both Highpriest Levian and Captain Bezique and do both their quests because you can find both Poison Spiders and Langk Lizardmen just south of Gludin (on the west side of the path).

5. As soon as you have 20 Poison Spider legs and 20 Langk Lizardmen totems, return back to Captain Bezique and Highpriest Levian to receive 2 coin of lords.

6. For the last coin of lords, you need to head over to Gludio and speak with Captain Bathia at the north gate. He will ask you for 10 bugbear necklaces. You get these from killing Bugbear Raiders which are located northeast of Gludio (on the east side of the path, in the small set of ruins).

7. Return to Captain Bathia when you have 10 bugbear necklaces.

8. To finish the quest, head back to Gludio and speak with Sir Karrel Vasper. Tell him you have completed the quest. He will give you a sword of ritual.

9. Take the sword to Grandmaster Ramos. He will grant you a Knight

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