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Path to a Warrior
Description: Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupations to a Warrior. Tell Master Aymus that you wish to become a Warrior, and he will tell you to first visit Trader Simplon in the Town of Gludio and find the 'Sword of Trial.'
 Level  19
 Start Location

 Gludin Village

 Start Npc  Master Auron
 Races  Human



 No (Solo)

 Reward  Medallion Of Warrior
Quest Walkthrough

1. Talk to Master Auron in the traner building on the north side of Gludin. He will give you Auron's Letter.

2. Take the letter to Trader Simplon in the Gludio weapon shop. He will give you a Warrior Guild Mark.

3. Goto the Ruins of Agony (Grim Ruins on map), west of Gludio until you can take the north fork in the road. Hunt Tracker Skeletons (lvl 17 passive) and Tracker Skeleton Leaders (lvl 18 aggressive) northwest of the walled ruins area until you collect 10 Rusted Bronze Swords.


4. Give the blades to Trader Simplon. He will take the mark and swords, and give you a Rusted Bronze Sword and Simpion's Letter.

5. Take the letter to Master Auron. He will turn the sword into a useable item.

6. Hunt Poison spiders (lvl 18 passive) and Arachnid Trackers (lvl 19 aggressive) southeast of Gludio along the path until you collect 20 Poison Spider's Legs. You MUST use only the Rusted Bronze Sword to kill the spiders, so bring lots of soulshots because the sword is very weak, and a pile of antidotes for the poison.

7. Give the legs to Master Auron, and he will give you a Medallion Of Warrior.

8. Talk to Grandmaster Ramos once you are level 20 to become a Warrior.

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