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Path of the Warder
Description: The Kamael Special Unit says that you will be able to obtain a new power if you pass the Qualification Test to be a Steelrazor. Visit Master Sione to take the test.
 Level  19
 Start Location

 Gludin Village

 Start Npc

 Master Sione

 Races  Kamael

 Kamael Soldier (Female)


 No (Solo)

 Reward  Advancement to Warder
Quest Walkthrough

Path of the Warder
By Winona
Addition screenshots by Aleena

1. Get the Quest.

Talk to Master Sione in Gludin Village. Say that you will take the test to become a Warder. After some chat, you will be given the task to kill 10 Ol Mahum Novices and 5 Ol Mahum Patrols.

2. Go to the Abandoned Camp and Kill the Ol Mahums.

Teleport directly to the Abandoned Camp. On your right (East) You will find the Ol Mahums you need. The Novices are a little South near some buildings. Kill Ol Mahum Novices to obtain (10) Ol Mahum Orders. Kill Ol Mahum Patrols to obtain (5) Ol Mahum Organization Charts.

3. Return to Master Sione. She will give you Gobie's Orders.

4. Go to Master Gobie in the Town of Gludio. She will give you Letter to the Humans.

5. Go to Captain Bathis at the North entrance to the Town of Gludio. He will show his distaste for the Kamael and give you Human's Reply.

6. Return to Master Gobie. She will give you Letter to the Dark Elves.

7. Go to Grand Master Tobias in the Dark Elf Guild in the Town of Gludio. He describes his respect for the Kamael and gives you Dark Elves' Reply.

8. Return to Master Gobie. She gives you Report to Sione.

9. Return to Master Sione in Gludin Village.

10. Return to Master Gobie to get a second set of orders. She gives you Empty Soul Crystal.

11. Go to Maille Lizardman Barracks to the West of the Town of Gludio.

Go out the West gate of Gludio. Head out and kill Maille Lizardman, Maille Lizardman Scouts, Maille Lizardman Guard. After you have killed several Lizardman monsters, Ol Mahum Officer Tak (Quest Mob) will appear. You do not have to do anything special with the Crystal. Just kill Tak and it will absorb his soul. You will get Tak's Captured Soul.

12. Return to Master Gobie. She will give you Steelrazor Evaluation. You will earn 3,200 XP and 5,934 SP.

13. Once you achieve level 20, you can go to a Kamael Grand Master to transfer to the Warder class.

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