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Path to a Paagrio Monk
Description: To change occupations to Paagrio Monk, you must complete this quest. Gantaki Zu Urutu will explain about the traditional martial arts of the Orcs and say that you must receive a scroll from two Masters to change occupations to a Paagrio Monk. He tells you to first go to Khavatari Rosheek, who is training somewhere on the Immortal Plateau.
 Level  19
 Start Location

 Orc Village

 Start Npc

 Gantaki Zu Urutu

 Races  Orc

 Orc Fighter


 No (Solo)

 Reward  Khavatari Totem
Quest Walkthrough

First step is to talk to Gantaki Zu Urutu outside of the weapon shop in Orc Village. He will give you a fruit of some kind to take to a fellow named Khavatari Rosheek. To find him you have to go to the frozen lake at the Frozen Waterfalls. He is standing out on the ice. He will tell you to do the following, in order (and you will have to keep going back to him after each one) kill 5 Kasha Bears, kill 5 Kasha Blade Spiders, and kill 5 Scarlet Salamanders (SS Ribes do not count, so don't bother with them).

When you are done with this you get the first scroll. Go back to Gantaki and he will tell you that you have to go to Gludin to talk to Prefect Kasman. Use the gatekeeper to get to Gludin and then head to the far Southeast corner of town (you will see a rundown-looking area) then turn left and head north you should see a group of Orc NPCs standing about. One of them is Prefect Kasman. Talk to him and he will send you off to Khavatari Toruku.

Use the path heading north from Gludin all the way up to the first fork in the road. Turn left and you will see a little hut surrounded by barricades. Go to the hut and you will see the Khavatari. He will send you to get a bunch of mobs, you can do them in any order this time and dont have to keep heading back. You need to get the FIGHTERS or WARRIORS of these mobs because the regular ones dont count. You need to get Vutu Orcs and Felim Lizardmen (north of town) and Ratmen and Langk Lizardmen (south of town). Once you have 5 of each, go back to the Khavatari, he will give you the second scroll.

Then go back to Prefect Kasman, he will give you the Khavatari Totem. If you are level 20 give this totem to High Prefect Osborn and he will make you a monk!

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