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Path to an Orc Raider
Description: Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupations to an Orc Raider. Prefect Karukia says that Orc Raiders must prove that their courage does not fear even death and has absolute loyalty. First, to prove courage, you must destroy the goblins that ruin this land.
 Level  19
 Start Location

 Orc Village

 Start Npc

 Prefect Karukia

 Races  Orc

 Orc Fighter


 No (Solo)

 Reward  Orc Raider Necklace
Quest Walkthrough

At first I can tell you that it's a long and a hard quest. You will need 2 to 5 hours to do it. Remember, you need to be at least level 19 to do this quest.

1. At first you have to go back to Elmore and talk to Prefect Karukia in the orc village. Then you just click on her and say that you want to become an Orc Raider and then she will give you the quest.

2. Outside the city are some Goblin Grave Robbers, which you have to hunt. Each goblin drops a bottle of green blood. Collect these bottles, untill you have 25 - 29 of them. When you have got the correct number bottles, a Ratman Leader will apear. Kill this montser and you will get a claw. You need 10 claws to finish the quest. So that means,  that you have to kill ten times 29 goblins. It's gonna be boring, but these goblins are dark blue to you, so you can kill them fast. When you have 10 claws go back to Prefect Karukia and then she will tell you that you have to kill certain Orc Betrayers. There is a mistake in the game for Betrayer Chichi, because the Orc Bertayer Chuchu is really Orc  Betrayer Chichi if you draw Chichi. The two betrayers you have been given to find are on the mainland.

3. The orc betrayers you have drawn should be any 2 of the following list. Just ask some people near the ones you are looking for. I think they will know where it is. Each orc betrayer drops a head. Bring these heads to Prefect Kasman in Gludin Village. Perfect Kasman is located near the magic shop. Note that the supplied coordinates are APPROXIMATIONS only and the betrayer could spawn somewhere in this vacinity. Orc Betrayers spawn in in a 10 - 30 minute time frame after it is killed and you need the specific ones given you to kill to complete the quest .... beware of farmers / bots killing it before you can get to it.

Betrayer Sue : 36749/173824 On a hill top just outside of Floran (or whatever the name is) off the road on the right as you head toward Giran Harbor.

I Betrayer Minsku : -23119/214950 Can see along the road from Gludin to Giran Harbor just before Wasteland turnoff. Will be off the right side of the road on the beach. (Actually Minsku Spawns at about -9000 207000. I spent forever looking only to find out the npc server was screwed. they rebooted and he was right here)

H Betrayer Chuchu : 4545/168776 West of Floran.

G Betrayer Wanuk : -56135/168637 NW entrance to desert.

F Betrayer Zakan : -49765/152587 North of Gludin near ruined house.

E Betrayer Chewba : -43671/130253 SE of 3-way crossing in front of Gludio Castle.

D Betrayer Umbar : -12636/79605 Hill SW of elf nuetral zone 3-way crossing.

C Betrayer Picubo : -13762/68359 Near a tower by DE bridge to elf nuetral zone.

B Betrayer Bumbum : -86834/106723 On right while going to Turek orc field.

A Betrayer Heitafu : -100344/114533 South of Turek orc field.

4 .After you have talked to Prefect Kasman, he will give you an Orc Raider Necklace, with which you can change to an Orc Raider as soon as you are level 20. Near Gludin Village, at the beach are some good monsters for you to hunt. Good luck and be safe.

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