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Path to an Orc Shaman
Description: Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupations to an Orc Shaman. Tataru zu Hestui explains that in order to become an Orc Shaman, one must earn the power to truly govern the spirits, and that the 'language of fire' is needed in order to communicate with the spirits. Also, there are three items needed in preparation to learning the language of fire. You must find the pelt of a kasha bear, husk of a kasha blade spider, and a fiery egg from a scarlet salamander.
 Level  19
 Start Location

 Orc Village

 Start Npc

 Tataru Zu Hestui

 Races  Orc

 Orc Mage


 No (Solo)

 Reward  3200 Exp, 2600 SP, Mask of  Medium
Quest Walkthrough

1. This quest starts in the Orc Village. Speak to Tataru Zu Hestui next to the main building.

2. He sends you to collect 3 items: Kasha Bear Pelt, Kasha Blade Spider Husk and 1st Fiery Egg. Hunt Kasha Bears, Kasha Blade Spiders, and Scarlet Salamanders. The Kasha Bear, and Kasha Blade Spider can be found by the Frozen Waterfall, and the Scarlet Salamanders can be found inside Cave Of Trials

3. Return to Tataru Zu Hestui. He wil send you to speak with the Hestui Totem Spirit. He is located to the south of the starting area to the west of the main building.

4. Return to Tataru Zu Hestui after speaking to the Hestui Totem Spirit.

5. Tataru Zu Hestui will then send you to Gludin to speak to Seer Umos. She is located in the Orc Guild.

6. Seer Umos will send you to hunt Grizzly Bears and collect 3 Grizzly Blood. You can find these in the Fellmere Harvest Grounds located the north-east of Orc Barracks.

7. Return to Seer Umos once you have the 3 Grizzly Blood. She will send you to speak with the Duda-Mara Totem Spirit. He is located north-east of the arena in Gludin.

8. You will need to go to the Fellmere Harvest Grounds to hunt Poison Spiders and Arachnid Trackers. Be sure to bring plenty of antidotes as they spam poison on you.

- You will collect Durka Parasite items.
- Eventually, after collecting a few ( I had to collect 9 ), the Durka Spirit Spawns.
- Kill the Druka Spirit to get the quest item, Bound Durka Spirit

9. Return to the Duda-Mara Totem Spirit. He will give you the quest item Totem Spirit Blood.

10. Take it to Seer Umos in Gludin. He will perform the ritual and you will receive 3200 Exp, 2600 SP, and the final quest item, Mask of Medium.

11. When you hit level 20, talk to any High Perfect to change your profession to an Orc Shaman!

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