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Trial of the Challenger
Description: Quest to acquire occupation change item, 'Mark of the Challenger.' Kash says he will tell you who has the Mark of the Challenger, if you manage to kill the medusa, Shyslyssys, and bring forth the old parchment. She lives in a cave in the Neutral Zone, which is between the Elven and the Dark Forests. He advises you to go in parties, for she is a strong enemy who has lived for hundreds of years.
 Level  35
 Start Location

 Dion Castle Town

 Start Npc  Kash

 Dark Elf




 No (Solo)

 Reward  Mark of the Challenger


Quest Information
Quest Walkthrough
Quest Summary
Quest's NPCs
Quest's Monsters


Quest Name
Current Class
After Quest Class
Starting Town
Trial of Challenger Warrior, Elven Knight, Palace Knight, Orc Raider, Orc Monk Warlord, Gladiator, Sword Singer, Blade Dancer, Destroyer, Tyrant Dion Castle Town, Kash


1. Begin quest in Dion Town with NPC Kash
To begin this quest find the NPC Kash in Dion Castle Town (look at location on map). To reach his location, just go to the storage building and he's across from the opening of the building. To reach the storage building you have to go north from the center of town and take a right at the end of the fighter's guild building.

Location of Kash in Dion Castle Town
Location of Kash in Dion Town (courtesy of Lineage Center)

Screenshot of Kash
[Screenshot of Kash courtesy of KRPG]

2. Kash asks you to get Shisrashi's Ancient Scroll
If you talk with Kash and accept the quest, he advises you to go to Shisrashi's Cave. The cave is in the area of the Dark Magic Institute. It is at the back of the Swamp Area Waterfalls. There he wants you to get him the quest item Shisrashi's Ancient Scroll.

Appearance of Shisrashi Cave
How Shirashi Cave looks like

Shisrashi Cave location on world map
Location of Shisrashi Cave on Aden Map (courtesy of Lineage Center)

3. Hunt Shisrashi and return to Kash
If you move to the back of the waterfalls, where cave basilisks are, is Shisrashi (Medusa-type of quest monster). If you are about level 40, it will be easy. Once you kill her, you will receive the quest item "Shisrashi's Ancient Scroll". Description: "Ancient scroll received when you kill Shisrashi. This must be taken to Dion Castle Town's Kash."

Tip: When you kill Shisrashi, a broken key and a treasure chest comes out. If you open the treasure chest, 660 adena comes out. Other items can also come out of the chest.

Shisrashi and Cave Basilisks
Shisrashi, the quest item "Shisrashi's Ancient Scroll" and a Cave Basilisk

4. Kash sends you to Giran
Once you have given Kash Shisrashi's Ancient Scroll, he will tell you to go find Martian in Giran Castle Town. You will recieve the quest item Kash's Introduction. Martian is located in the very top-right of Giran Town (look at location on map).

Location of Martian in Giran
Location of Martian in Giran Castle Town (courtesy of Lineage Center)

Screenshot of Martian
Screenshot of Martian

5. Martian sends you to hunt "Gore"
Martian will ask you to be a hero and kill monsters in Flouran Town. The quest monster's name is Gore. If you go south of Flouran town about 3 grid cells at the 8 o'clock position on a clock (compass direction) you will find them.

Gore's location south of Flouran
Gore's location south of Flouran Town

If you kill this Gore, you wll receive the quest item Gazer's Eye(1). Description: "Item received from evil spirit Gore. This must be taken to Giran Castle Town's Martian."

Quest Item Gazer's Eye(1)
Collect quest item Gazer's Eye(1) dropped by Gore

6. Martian sends you to hunt Baraham
Once Martian receives the Gazer's Eye, he will send you back to Flouran Town to hunt monsters that are attacking people. He will send you to kill the monster Baraham. The hint is that in the area of Gore's nesting area, is another cave. But the location is as shown below.

Location of Baraham in Flouran region
Location of Baraham in Flouran region

7. Hunt Baraham and return to Martian
As reference, after killing Gore, you must go to Martian and confirm what he says so the quest can progress. If you do not do this, you will have to go back and return. So, you enter this cave and hunt a Gore-resembling medusa type of monster (Baraham) and receive the quest item "Gazer's Eye(1)". The name is the same but the description reads differently: "Item received from monster Baraham. If shown to Fighter Raldo..." This time, do NOT return to town.

Quest Item Gazer's Eye from Baraham
Collect quest item Gazer's Eye(1) dropped by Baraham

8. Show the Gazer's Eye to Raldo
This time do not return to town. Before you carry the Gazer's Eye across, double-click once. The item just needs to be shown to fighter Raldo. However, fighter Raldo appears in this cave only at night (in-game time). ADDED NOTE: one player commented that you must also kill the basilisk. Another player mentioned while hunting Baraham, Raldo showed up.

Raldo's first conversation
Raldo's first conversation with you

9. Raldo sends you to Dwarf Town
As soon as you see Raldo, he will send you to go find Dwarf Town's Filaur. The quickest way to go is to travel in the direction of Wasteland and at the entrance of the Ant Caves use an escape scroll. From there teleport to the Dwarf Town. Near the Gatekeeper is the building where all of the statesmen stand. (look at location on map). (At this point, NOTE THIS: make sure you are level 36 at least. If you are level 35 and find Filaur, he will say your abilities are insufficient and you cannot receive his quest.)

Location of Filaur in Dwarf Town
Location of Filaur in Dwarf Town (courtesy of Lineage Center)

Screenshot of Filaur and conversation
Screenshot of Filaur and his conversation

10. Filaur sends you to the Mithril Mine
Filaur says in the deepest spot in Mithril Mine is where the Succubus Queen wanders around. First use the gatekeeper to teleport to the Northern Shores and follow the road south from there. Go down below and you will see the place where the succubus monster appears. If you look on the map of Elmore, you will see a red mark. The red mark is the location where many Akaste Succubus Turen, etc. spawn. Also in this place 1~2 Succubus Queen respawn. After you kill two of the queens, look on the map again. The mark should have gone away. After one queen, the mark will not disappear. But once you kill another, look at the map. When the mark has gone away you are done with killing the queens. At this point escape back to town. NOTE: on N.A. servers if the mark disappears after killing one succubus and you return to town, you may be asked to go back to the mines at night.

Succubus Queen
The Succubus Queen is the one highlighted. The others are other types of succubus (Akaste Succubus Tilpo etc.)

`11. Last step: Return to Raldo for the Challenger's Voucher
Now you have to return to Raldo. Remember, he only shows up at night (in-game time). Once you speak to him, you will receive the quest item Challenger's Voucher. NOTE: one N.A. player has mentioned that at this point Raldo was inside the mithril mines where the Succubus spawn.

Raldo gives Challenger's Voucher
Raldo now gives you the Challenger's Voucher (final item)

Congratulations, you have completed the first part of the quest!


(Under "Wants Item", the square brackets number is the # of the quest monster in the monster summary)

Quest NPC Names
Gives Item
Wants Item
Kash Dion Castle Town [unknown] Shisrashi's Ancient Scroll[1]
Kash Dion Castle Town Kash's Introduction -
Martian Giran Castle Town [unknown] Gazer's Eye [2]
Martian Giran Castle Town [unknown] Gazer's Eye [3]
Fighter Raldo Cave south of Flouran - -
Elder Filaur Dwarf Town - -
Fighter Raldo Cave south of Flouran Challenger's Voucher (final item) -

Quest Monster Names
Drops Quest Item
Shisrashi Shisrashi Cave at the Swamp Area near the Dark Magic Institute Shisrashi's Ancient Scroll
Gore South of Flouran Town Gazer's Eye(1) (dropped by Gore)
Baraham Cave south of Flouran Town Gazer's Eye(1) (to be shown to Raldo)
Succubus Queen Mithril Mine [unknown]

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