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Testimony of Life
Description: Quest to acquire occupation change item, 'Mark of Life.' Visit Master Cardien and he will tell you that great effort and sacrifice of young Elves is needed, for a crisis has struck among the Elves as the Mother Tree has started to wither. Follow his orders and meet Hierarch Asterios in the Elven Village.
 Level  37
 Start Location  Dion Castle Town
 Start Npc  Master Cardien
 Races  Elf



 No (Solo)

 Reward  Mark of Life


Quest Information
Quest Walkthrough
Part 1 of Walkthrough
Part 2 of Walkthrough


Quest Name
Current Class
After Quest Class
Starting Town
Test of Life Elven Knight, Elven Scout, Elven Wizard, Elven Oracle Temple Knight, Sword Singer, Plain Walker, Silver Ranger, Spell Singer, Elemental Summoner, Elder Dion Castle Town, Master Cardien



1. Quest begins at Dion Castle Town. To begin the quest, go find Master Cardien. (Look at map for location.)

Location within Dion of Cardien
courtesy of Lineage Center

Cardien will give you the quest item Cardien's Letter and will tell you to it to Hierarch/Elder Asterios in Elven Village.

2. In the Elven Village, visit the temple/guild building to find Asterios. (Look at location on map.)

Location of Asterios in the bottom half of the Elven Village
courtesy of Lineage Center

Give Cardien's Letter to Asterios

Once you give him the letter, you have to answer his question as shown below. Answer with the one talking about the human's wit and bravery beginning a new era. (Don't choose the one talking about ignorance.) If you answer properly, he will give you the quest items Moonflower's Charm and Hierarch/Elder's Letter and will ask you to bring back the quest item Life's Water.

Answer with the proper reply!

3. Go to Iris Lake, south of Elven Village, and find the NPC Talia. Give the Elder's Letter to Talia. She will say to get the Life's Water, you need to go collect a Grail of Purity and Talin's Spear. First, to get the grail, you need to go to Giran Castle Town. She will give you Grail's Book.

Give letter to Talia

4. At Giran, you need to find Blacksmith Pushkin and give him the book. (Look at location on map).

Location of Pushkin in Giran
courtesy of Lineage Center

Give book to Pushkin

Pushkin will give you the quest item Pushkin's Ingredient List. On the list are 10 pure mithril lumps, 20 soldier ant's acid, and 20 wyrm's toenails/claws.

Pushkin's list of ingredients

1) Wyrm's claws [Translator's notes: the wyrm can be found along the road from Giran to Oren. You can't miss them. They are aggressive.]

The label where the arrows is on the map is "Death Pass".
It is along the road north of Giran.

2) Pure mithril lumps [Translator's notes: from Guardian Basilisk. Same area as wyrm.]

3) Soldier Ant's acid [Translator's notes: soldier ants are found in Wasteland and in The Ant Nest]

5. After collecting the items on his list, return to Pushkin and he will give you the quest item Pure Mithril [Container] [container/vase/glass/etc.]. Take this back to Talia.

Take the container of pure mithril back to Talia.

6. When you give it to Talia, she will say that in order to complete the grail of purity she will need the quest item Stardust. To obtain it, you will now need to go to the Dark Elven region's initiation altar. Talia will give you the quest item Talia's Letter to carry with you.

Take this letter to Akenia in the Dark Elven region

7. At the altar, find Sorceress Akenia. [Sorceress or Witch or Shaman.] Once you meet her, she will say she will give the stardust to you if you get her the quest item Andelia's Sacred Book. And she will say to do this, go to Gludin Village and find Priest Adonius. She will give you the quest item Akenia's Orders for you to carry.

Take Akenia's orders to Adonius in Gludin

8. Once you take the orders to Adonius, he will give you the quest item Adonius's Ingredient List. On this list are 20 spider ichor [icor?], and 20 harpy's fluff [fluff as in "downy fluff"].

Adonius in Gludin will give you a list of ingredients

1) Harpy's down [Translator's notes: harpy location is shown on map. South of Dragon Valley and east or northeast of Giran.]

Collect 20 down/fluff pieces from harpies

2) Swamp Spider [Translator's notes: look at the swampy area right around Cruma Tower.]

Collect 20 of these items as well

9. Once you collect all the items and return to Adonius, you will receive the quest item Andelia's Sacred Book copy. Take this back to Akenia waiting at the initiation altar.

You will get a copy of the book from Adonius

Once she receives it, she will give you the stardust at which point you can return to Talia at Iris Lake.

Akenia will give you the stardust in return for the book. Take stardust back to Talia.


1. Now Talia will give you the quest item Talia's Letter [a different one] and send you off to Hunter's Village to find Isabel Silvershadow. In part 2, you are trying to get Talia's Spear.

Talia will give you a second letter to carry to Hunter's Village

2. Find Isabel Silvershadow in Hunter's Village (Look at location on map.)

Location of Isabel Silvershadow in Hunter's Village

She will give you the quest item Isabel's Order for you to collect Talin's spear blade, Talin's spear handle and 4 Talin jewels. You will have to go hunt Leto Lizardman Shaman and Leto Lizardman Chief now.

Isabel will give you orders to go collect some more items.

3. Leto Lizardman Shaman and Chief [Translator's notes: they are located south of Oren on either side of the road that connects Oren and Giran.]

Items you collect by killing the Leto Lizardman Shaman and Chief
Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Talin's spear blade, Talin's spear handle, Talin's ruby, Talin's aquamarine, Talin's amethyst, Talin's peridot

Where to look for the Leto Lizardman Shaman and Chief.
Pictured city is Oren

4. Once you return to Isabel with the items, she will give you the spear and also the quest item Isabel's Letter. Return to Talia with these.

Talin's Spear on the left: 24/17, 2-handed

5. If you talk with Talia again she says she now has the grail and the spear, but asks you to come back with the quest item Eva's Unicorn's Tear. When killing the unicorn, use the Talin's Spear that you received. The grail is needed to put the tears in.

Talia telling you to go kill Eva's Unicorn.
Highlighted item: the grail

Use the spear to kill Eva's Unicorn.

Quest item: Unicorn's Tear

The unicorn spawns in two places. The lake is Iris Lake

6. when you return to Talia, she will give you the quest item Life's Water. You need to take this back to the Elven Village's Asterios.

Take the life's water to Asterios now

7. Once you give Asterios the Life's Water, Asterios will ask one last favor of you to save the mother tree. He will ask you to meet Master Cardien at Dion Castle Town. He will give you the quest item Camomila's Charm.

Take the charm to Cardien in Dion

8. Finally, at Dion, find Master Cardien again and give him the charm. He will then give you the quest item Life's Voucher.

Final quest item: life's voucher

Congratulations! You have completed the Test of Life.

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