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L2 Top 200

Trial of the Pilgrim
Description: Quest to acquire occupation change item, 'Mark of the Pilgrim.' Santiago says those who wish to practice divine powers must understand their nature through a process called the Trial of the Pilgrim. The myths that have been passed down are all false, and you must learn about the gods from the very beginning. Follow Santiago's orders, as you must visit Seer Tanapi in Orc village and listen to what he has to say about the god of fire, Paagrio.


 Start Location  Near the Orc Barracks
 Start Npc

 Hermit Santiago


 Dark Elf


 Shillien Elder


 No (Solo)

 Reward  Mark of the Pilgrim


Quest Information
Quest Walkthrough
Quest Summary
Quest's NPCs
Quest's Monsters


Quest Name
Current Class
After Quest Class
Starting Town
Trial of Pilgrim Cleric, Oracle, Shillien Oracle, Orc Shaman Bishop, Prophet, Elder, Shillien Elder, Overlord, Warcrier Turek Orc Camp, Hermit Santiago


1. Quest begins at Turek Orc Camp with Hermit Santiago (Orc Barracks = Turek Orc Camp)
To begin the quest, head to the Turek Orc Camp and see a house. If you go inside, you'll see the Hermit Santiago (loc: X -85069.7, Y 105817.2, Z -3590.7)

Hermit Santiago sends you to Orc Town
Hermit Santiago in Turek Orc Camp

He tells you have to first learn about Maphr (Orc Town) and then learn about Einhasad from Priest Primoz in Giran Town and finally go to Elf Town to learn about Eva and Shilen from the protector Andelia.

2. Head to Orc Town to look for Seer Tanapi
First go to Gludin Town and use the gatekeeper to teleport to Orc Town. It costs 6000 adena to get to Orc Town from Gludin Town. Once you arrive there, if you do not already have one, you should spend the 545 adena to buy a map of Elmore. Right by the gatekeeper is where Seer Tanapi stands. (look at location on map).

Location of Seer Tanapi in Orc Town
Location of Seer Tanapi and Shop in Orc Town
(courtesy of Lineage Center)

Here, he says you must go to the Cave of Trials and find Ancient Spirit Martankus. If you look on the map of Elmore you bought, the Cave of Trials is to the southeast.

Location of Cave of Trials in Elmore
Location of Cave of Trials in Elmore Continent

3. Find Martankus and he will send you to the Forgotten Temple
When you talk to him he says you have to go to the Forgotten Temple and hunt Lava Salamanders to collect the quest item Purification of Flame. You will need to return to Gludin through the gatekeeper and teleport to Wasteland's South Entrance (costs either 2500 or 1100 adena).

4. Hunt Lava Salamanders
On the map, to the west of Wasteland you will see the Forgotten Temple. If you enter the temple and go another room further in, you will see 5 Lava Salamanders waiting. NOTE: on the N.A. servers, the lava salamanders are further in by another 4 or so rooms and turn left at the Salamander Rowin room. The Rowin are not the ones and "Laka" are not the ones you have to kill either. Since from the entrance of the temple, monsters are aggressive, you should first kill the monsters you encounter at the entrance and enter. If you kill between 1 to 3 of the salamanders, they should drop the quest item "Purification of Flame". Description: "Item received from Lava Salamander. Take this to the Ancient Spirit Martankus".

Lava Salamander and the quest item Purification of Flame
The Lava Salamander and the quest item Purification of Flame

Once you have collected the quest item, return to the Ancient Spirit Martankus (you have to escape to Gludin Town and use the gatekeeper again to get to Orc Town and then travel to the Cave of Trials). Once you show the item to Martankus, return to the Seer Tanapi in the Orc Town.

5. Tanapi sends you to Dwarf Town
Tanapi will send you to Dwarf Town to find Gauri Twinklerock and Priest Gerald and Wanderer Dorf. You only need to meet with two of them (any two of them). Look at their locations on the map. Gerald is at the south end of the town and Dope and Gauri are at the top of the town.

Location of Dope and Gauri in Dwarf Town
Location of Wanderer Dorf and Gauri Twinklerock in Dwarf Town
(courtesy of Lineage Center)

Location of Gerald, Priest of the Earth
Location of Priest of the Earth Gerald in Dwarf Town
(courtesy of Lineage Center)

Screenshot of Gerald
Screenshot of Gerald (NOTE: Gerald in Open Beta is a MALE dwarf)
(courtesy of KRPG)

Conversations with Gauri Twinklerock and Dope
Conversations with Gauri Twinklerock and Wanderer Dorf

From here you are sent to Giran Castle Town's temple.

6. Find Priest Primoz in Giran Town
You are sent to Giran Castle Town to find Priest Primoz. You can either teleport and spend maybe 18000 adena or ride the boat and spend 4800. You could also walk, if you want.

Location of Primoz in Giran Town
Location of Primoz in Giran Town
(courtesy of Lineage Center)

Once you get there he sends you off to Talking Island Town to find Priest Petron [was known as Foster/Postter].

Primoz conversation
Primoz telling you to go to Talking Island Town

7. Petron sends you to the Elven Ruins
Once you finally get to Talking Island Town and speak with Priest Petro [was called Postter before], he sends you to the Elven Ruins and hunt the evil spirit Nahir.

Location of Priest Petron in Talking Island Town
Location of Priest Petron/Postter in Talking Island Town
(courtesy of Lineage Center)

Priest Petron's conversation
Priest Petron's conversation sending you to the Elven Ruins

8. Hunt Nahir
Once you get to the Elven Ruins, use the teleport to go inside. Once inside, look at the map to find the room marked "Nahir". NOTE: on N.A. servers you may find Nahir at "Boss Monster" green dot instead.

Elven Ruins teleport
The teleporter at the Elven Ruins

Map of Elven Ruins floor
Map of the Elven Ruins floor

Once you have found the room you will encounter a red devil-looking spirit called Nahir and once you kill it, you will get the quest item Nahir's hair. You should take this and return to town.

9. Petron will send you to the Elven Village
Once you give it to Petron, he will send you to meet Andelia in the Elven Village.

Petron sends you to the Elven Village
Petron sends you to find Andelia in Elf Town

10. Andelia sends you to kill Black Willow
First, find Andelia standing near the gatekeeper as shown on the map.

Location of Andelia in Elf Town
Location of Andelia in Elf Town
(courtesy of Lineage Center)

She will tell you in vague terms to go to the waterfalls in the Swamp Area (look at picture's map)

Andelia's conversation sending you to hunt Black Willow
Andelia sends you to hunt Black Willow

There you will need to hunt the monster Black Willow. Once you get the quest item the willow drops, DO NOT return to the Elf Town.

The monster Black Willow
The monster Black Willow and its location

So instead of returning to the Elven Village, walk a bit further south to find the NPC Uruha as shown on the map. [ NOTE: on N.A. servers, I've only heard of one person say Uruha was located where the Black Willows are. ]

Location of Uruha
Location of Uruha

Uruha will be there and give you one book as a quest item. Now you need to return to the Elven Village but DO NOT ESCAPE. Here you will be sent back to the Dark Elf Town if you use the escape scroll. So walk back.

11. Andelia sends you to Wasteland
You take the book Uruha gave you and show it to Andelia. She will tell you to take the book to the Wiseman Casian in Wasteland.

Andelia sends you to Wasteland
Andelia sends you to Wasteland

12. Finding the Wiseman Casian
Locating Casian can be difficult. Look at the map carefully. Or if you perhaps use the Gludin teleport to reach the Wasteland's South Entrance, you'll be able to find him quicker. (He seems to be hidden in some small road area)

Locating Wiseman Casian
Location of Wiseman Casian. He sends you back to Santiago

Once you find him, finally, he will send you back to Santiago in Turek Orc Camp.

13. Santiago give you your voucher
You get back to Santiago in the Turek Orc Camp, he will give you the quest item Pilgrim's Voucher (final item).

Santiago gives you your quest voucher
Santiago gives you Pilgrim's Voucher

Congratulations! This quest is complete.


(Under "Wants Item", the square brackets number is the # of the quest monster in the monster summary)

Quest NPC Names
Gives Item
Wants Item
Hermit Santiago Turek Orc Camp [unknown] (go to Orc Town)
Wosrhipper Tanapi Orc Town [unknown] (go to Cave of Trials)
Ancient Spirit Martankus Cave of Trials [unknown] Purification of Flame[1]
Ancient Spirit Martankus Cave of Trials - (go back to Tanapi)
Tanapi Orc Town - (go to Dwarf Town)
Gauri Twinklerock or Priest Gerald or Wanderer Dorf Dwarf Town [unknown] (go to Giran Town's Temple)
Priest Primoz Giran Town [unknown] (go to TI Town)
Priest Petron Talking Island Town [unknown] Nahir's Hair[2]
Priest Petron Talking Island Town [unknown] (go to Elf Town)
Andelia Elf Town [unknown] name unknown[3]
Uruha South of the waterfalls near Swamp Area a book, name unknown -
Andelia Elf Town - (go to Wasteland)
Wiseman Casian Wasteland [unknown] (go to Turek Orc Camp)
Hermit Santiago Turek Orc Camp Pilgrim's Voucher -

Quest Monster Names
Drops Quest Item
Lava Salamander Forgotten Temple Purification of Flame
Nahir Elven Ruins/TI Dungeon Nahir's Hair
Black Willow Around waterfall in Swamp Area [unknown object]

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