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Test of Witchcraft
Description: Quest to acquire occupation change item, 'Mark of Witchcraft.' Orim of the Shadow laments about the prejudice on black magic, and tells you to be prepared for the negligence and the contempt from everyone in order to learn the Dark Arts. He will give the Mark of Witchcraft if you help him unlock the mysteries of Aklantoth's Box. And, to open the box you must obtain six jewels. He asks you to investigate the ancient jewels that were sold during the recent auction, and visit Trader Alexandria in the town of Giran.
 Level  39
 Start Location  Dragon Valley
 Start Npc  Orim of the Shadow
 Races  Dark Elf

 Dark Avenger
 Shillien Knight


 No (Solo)

 Reward  Mark of Witchcraft


Quest Information
Quest Walkthrough


Quest Name
Current Class
After Quest Class
Starting Town
Judgment of Witchcraft Knight, Wizard, Palace Knight Dark Avenger, Necromancer, Shillien Knight Dragon's Valley,


The quest begins at Dragon Valley with Orim. [To find Orim, enter the valley and go north a little bit and follow the road on the right and he'll be on the left wall.]

Location of Orim within Dragon Valley

Orim will ask you to go collect 6 jewels and come back. First, go to Giran Castle Town and speak with the boutique store keeper Alexandria. Next, you have to go to the Mage's Guild and find Magister Iker.

Iker will want you to go collect the following:

- 20 Dire Wyrm's teeth
- 20 Leto Lizardman's amulets
- 20 Strengthened Iron Golem's stone heart

If you give these items to Iker, then he will give you a jewel.
* Note: the Strengthened Iron Golem won't always give the stone heart.
* The locations are below

Ivory Tower red area is where the golems are,
The red area at the Sea of Spores is where you can find the dire wyrms,
and the red area at the bottom is where you can find the Leto Lizardman (below Oren)

Now, go to Giran Castle Town and go to the Dark Elf guild building and talk to Magister Kaira. If you talk to her, she will give you a jewel. Now, go to Dion Castle Town and find Magic Trader Lars. She will tell you that if you go and kill Nameless Departed Spirit [Nameless Revenant], she will give you a jewel.

* The nameless spirit can be found in a hollow north of execution ground. (Going from Dion to Giran using the top road, it is by there [look at location on map].

Now, go to Gludin Village and talk to Trader Nestle. [Nestle is a general goods storekeeper in the unmarked shop at the bottom right of town.] Then information on the remaining jewels can be obtained. Next, find Leopold. [He will be nearby close to the south-eastern exit.] He will tell you to go to Wasteland and kill Skeleton Mercernary. (When finding NPC's make use of the /target command. i.e. /target leopold) Collect the last 3 jewels by killing those skeletons. Their location in Wasteland is shown below:

If you go find Orim again, he will tell you to go and get Crystal of Restraint and a Sealed Sword. If you go find Magister Iker again, you will be able to simply get the crystal.

If you go to Gludin Village and talk to Sir Karrel Vasper, he will tell you that you must go to Oren Castle Town and go to the Temple to find Badin.

Badin will then tell you to go collect 20 Tamrin Orc amulets.

* The Tamrin orcs are south of the road on the way to Hunter's Village, past the cave.

Tamrin Orc location

Once you give Badin the amulets, you have to return to Vasper in Gludin. Once you talk to him again, you have to return all the way back to Orim in Dragon Valley.

This time around, you will have to go kill Jejuel who is hidden in Fisherman Evert. He is at Floran Village.

You have to seal Jejuel using the sealed sword. Once you seal Jejuel, return to Orim to get the final voucher for the quest and complete it.

One player's note: while killing Jejuel, you can kill it with the seal sword at the very end instead of using the sealed sword the entire time to kill it.

Another player's note: you do not need to return to Orim before going ot kill Jejuel. After getting the sealed sword from Vasper, you can run to Floran or teleport to Wasteland's southern area and run. So when you click on Evert and Jejuel comes out, you can kill it and seal it and then go to Orim and he will give you the Dark Magic's Voucher. [Witchcraft Certificate]

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