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Succession to the Legend, Dominator
Description: N/A.
 Level  76
 Start Location

 Rune Castle Town

 Start Npc  Grand Seer Rahorakti





 No (Solo)

 Reward  Dominator proffesion; Secret  Book of Giants; 2299404 XP;  5MA

Saga of the Dominator
By Adam


1. Quest begins at Grand Seer Rahorakti, you will find them in the Rune Castle Town in Mystic Guild.

2. You go to the Ketra Orc Outpost to the NPC Ketra's Messenger Warkan, he stays in the entrance to Ketra Orcs
He need a Bitter Cold Vodka

3. Next You must go to Hot Springs to Master Chef Donath,
I use the teleport from Priest of Down, you can use gatekeeper and go to the Forge of the Gods

4. Donath needs Cryolite to create Vodka.

5. You can obtain Cryolite (blue Cristal) from Chef Jeremy, he is in the center of Hot Springs.
You need to take quest "The Finest Ingredients – Part 1", I have done this quest before proffesion quest,
because you need 73 lvl to start "The Finest Ingredients - Part 1".
When you have this, talk to Donath again

6. Go back to the Ketra Orc - Ketra's Messenger Warkan

7. First Tablet of Vision is located to the south of Tower of Insolence.
I used teleport from Hunters village: Northern Pathway of the Enchant Valley and went along river to the east

8. Next tablet you will find in the Valley of the Saints (you can use Priest of Down teleport or go on food).
The tablet is in the low level of the Valley, he is guarded by the angels. You need to kill Angels,
they are soscial so be carefull. I took a bishop with me. When You kill the angels, you can talk to tablet.

9. Now you will go to the Ketra Orc Outpost
When You talk with the tablet, the Overlord Atrus will summon, kill him

10. Go back to the Goddard Castle Town and talk to Seer Skahi in the Orc Guild
Now it's time to choose side you will fight for.

11. You need a Divine Stone of Wisdom
The only way to obtain it, it's do a quest Magical Power of Water or Fire Part - 1
First to strat this quest you must go to the Ketra Messenger Warkan or Varka Silenos Messenger to form Alliance
You need the second lvl Alliance to form, then you can start quest Magical Part of Water or Fire Part 1.
Remember, that alliance it's easy to broke, so be carefull.
I have formed with Ketra Orcs before start Legend quest, because you need 74 lvl to start Alliance quest and Magical Power of Fire Part - 1.

12. When You collected Divine Stone of Wisdom, talk to Seer Skahi again.
She will give you locatoin of the next tablet of Wisdom. Be carefull, because there are two tablets near, all have guards but you don't need to figth with them.
Talk to the right tablet, I talk to the tablet with Ketra guards.

13. Next you must go to Shrine of the Loyal
you need 700 quest items, to Halisha appear. You can hunt these mobs alone, or take asmall party.
Remeber that, the drop it's 100% every mob and you don't need last hit.
After Halisha appear kill her, she is easy but there is one problem, nobody cann't help (not heal you or attack the mob).

14. When you kill Halisha it's time to visit Tablet, there is in the Forge of Gods.

15. The last tablet is in the Forest of Dead
When you talk with the tablet, you will see the fight between Flame Successor Akkan and Death Lord Hallate.
Help Akkan, when Death Lord Hallate has about 3/4 HP he disapear.
Talk to the tablet again.

16. You are near the finish just go to the Rune Castle Town and talk to Grand Seer Rahorakti

17. Congratulations You are now Dominator :)
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