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Succession to the Legend, Fortune Seeker
Description: Fortune Seekers are Bounty Hunters who possess the most accomplished collecting skills. There's no conclusive proof, but Fortune Seekers are said to be able to pluck strands of hair from Valakas's mustache. Although the legend of a great number of Fortune Seekers has been passed down unconfirmed, the recent return of a few Bounty Hunters from seemingly impossible journeys fuels rumors about the return of the Fortune Seekers.
 Level  76
 Start Location

 Rune Castle Town

 Start Npc  Chief Inspector Mond



 Bounty Hunter


 No (Solo)

 Reward  Secret Book of Giants;  2,299,404 XP, 5 million  adena.


By L2Girl (

1. Begin the quest by speaking to Chief Inspector Mond in Rune Castle Town (warehouse guy). He tell you to go to Goddard Castle Town. Go to the warehouse and meet Dark Elf Agent Pamela Aprodia.

2. She tells you Bavarin, a Dwarven information broker, has info on the Tablet of Vision. Meet him in the Hot Springs area.

3. Bavarin tells you to bring him an ice crystal from Chef Jeremy, who is also in teh Hot Springs area. Go see Jeremy. Select “The Finest Ingredients - Part 1” quest from the list. This is the only one directly connected to your third class change quest.

4. Chef Jeremy tells you he'll give you the ice crystal if you help gather meat for a secret recipe. You'll need to kill 50 each of the following mobs: Hotsprings Bandersnatches, Hotsprings Atrox, Hotsprings Atrox Spawn and Hotsprings Nepenthes.

5. When you return, Jeremy gives you the ice crystal and a soy sauce jar. That is for the other two Finest quests he offers. They are not needed for the class change. Return to Bavarin and he will give you the Ancient Language Dictionary. Take those to Pamela in Goddard.

6. Pamela will give you Resonance Amulet – 1. You must find the Tablet of Vision near the Tower of Insolence. It is up on a hill south of TOI. Click on it. You are then told to travel to the west of the Valley of Saints to find the next tablet.

7. The second tablet is located in a lower valley surrounded by angelic quest mobs. Click on the second tablet. It tells you the angels have the Stone of Commune. You must kill the quest mobs to get it. They are easy and you can do it solo. Kill them all.

8. You'll get Resonance Amulet – 2. Go back and click on the Tablet of Vision. You'll need to find the next tablet southeast of the Ketra Orc Outpost in Goddard. Kill the quest mob that spawns by yourself (no outside help/healing). You'll get Resonance Amulet – 3. Talk to the tablet again.

9. Go to Pamela in Goddard. You need to choose an alliance - with the Ketra Orcs or the Varka Silenos. I chose the orcs.

10. Go speak to Ketra Messenger Wahkan just outside the Goddard gates. Select the Alliance quest. You'll need to gain the trust of your new allies, and that means completing two quests. The first is to collect 100 badges of Varka Silenos soldiers. You should get some help (healer/buffer and one other DD is fine). The silenos you'll fight stun, and so do the antelope near them. You'll be shown on the in-game map where to find them.

11. When done, return to Wahkan. He will reward you with Mark of Ketra's Alliance – Level 1. Now you have to get Level 2. Choose to kill more of their enemies – 200 badges of grunts and 100 of officers. The officers are group mobs, so get a party together.

12. When done, return to Wahkan. You are now level 2. Here is where you switch quests. Select the “Magical Power of Water” quest from him. You DON'T need to get Level 3 alliance membership for the class change quest. You are told to go into the Ketra Orc Outpost and meet Asefa, the guide of dead souls. DO NOT harm any Ketra orc getting there, and don't be partied with anyone who harms them or you're alliance level will drop and the alliance will be broken. Getting to the village by yourself isn't difficult. You can kill the various animals that agro you, but leave the orcs alone because they let you pass freely.

13. Asefa tells you to steal a totem from the Varka silenos outpost. Buy a Key of Thief from the store before you go so you can unlock the chest it's in. DO NOT fight any Silenos while doing this part, or you will be "seen" and you'll ahve to return to Asefa to get the stupid thing removed. Have your party kill the Silenos on your way to the outpost. Stay out of party, as it's the safest.

14. When you get to the Varka outpost, the box with the totem is behind a tent. You don't have to talk to anyone, just head for the chest. With the Key of Thief in your inventory click on the box to open it. Return to Asefa. She will give you the Divine Stone of Wisdom. Return to Pamela in Goddard. She gives you Resonance Amulet – 4 and tells you to go to the next table of vision.

15. The tablet will be surrounded by Ketra Orc mobs. Ignore them. Click on the tablet. Return to Pamela. You are very close to the end of the quest. You'll need to kill 700 mobs to get the quest boss Halisha to appear (easier than trying to get through the four sepulchers). Go to the Shrine of the Loyal.

16. I was able to solo the mobs, but it goes so much faster with even a small party. The quest items dropped with every kill, so 700 went by fast. When you get kill 701 Archon of Halisha appears. Solo him (very easy).

17. When done, you get Resonance Amulet – 5. Now find the next tablet of vision near Wall of Argos. It then tells you to find the next tablet northeast of Rune Castle Town, near the Forrest of the Dead.

18. When you click it, the quest mob Minervia Van Hacken and Pamela appear. Kill the mob (very easy to solo). Afterwards, click on Pamela and speak to her. You'll get Resonance Amulet – 6. Click the tablet again. It tells you to go back to Chief Inspector Mond in Rune Castle Town. Talk to him. Congrats! You are now a Fortune Seeker!

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