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Succession to the Legend, Mystic Muse
Description: N/A.
 Level  76
 Start Location

 Ivory tower (elven floor)

 Start Npc  Grand master Arkenias





 No (Solo)

 Reward  5 mill adena, Book of  Giants, 2,299,404 exp


By Nildur, TenshiKir

1)The quest starts in Ivory tower {elven floor}, with Grand master Arkenias when you reach level 76. This quest also includes 2 other side quests, the Alliance with either Ketra orcs or Varka silenos and "The Finest Ingredients - Part 1" from hotsprings. Choose Saga of the mystic muse. She tells you to find Magister Alminas in the town of Goddard. Also gives you a "guild report"

2) The Grand master Alminas can be found inside Goddard's church. He tells you to find information broker Mist in the Hot Springs.

3) Information broker Mist and Chef Jeremy are both in the same area in Hot Springs, in the little camp near the center. Mist tells you to go to Jeremy for the ice crystals {the finest ingredients part 1}.

4) Return to Alminas. He tells you to find the Tablet of Vision south of the Tower of Insolence.

5) It's marked on the map where the tablet is. It tells you to go to the Valley of the Saints. Don't forget to talk to it and get the Resonance Amulet before you go. This table tells you that you need the stone of commune first, and it is held by a creature with 4 wings, it means the quardians of forbidden knowledge standing all around the tablet. Once you get the stone of commune talk to the table of vision again and receive Resonance Amulet - 2.

6) The next tablet is North of the Border Outpost. You can access it from goddard by porting to Varka silenos outpost. This tablet spawns a bloody-lord type monster named fallen angel Alestor, that spawns little wisps named hell fires. You cannot have anyone assist you after the mobs spawn, or they will disappear. If they disappear you have to start over. After you kill it, speak to the tablet again and you can advance in the quest.

7) Head off to Goddard again and talk to Alminas. He then asks you about the varka-ketra quest and sends you to your enemy race's encampment for a recon mission.

8)As soon as you are done with the alliance side-quest, go back to Alminas with the final quest item. He sends you to a commune stone, just above the garden of beasts, between monastery of silence and ketra orc outpost.

9) Back to Alminas at Goddard, he sends you to find Archon of Halisha, who resides in the Four Sepulchers. There are two options. Either get in four sepulchers and kill it, or kill 700 of the following: Grave Scarabs, Scavenger Scarabs, Grave Ants, Scavenger Ants, Shrine Knights, and Shrine Guards. They are just after the tunnel prior to imperial tomb entrance, inside wall of argos. Halisha spawns on the 700th kill. You can kill the mobs with other people inside your party, having the items distributed like on other quests, but you have to kill halisha without interference of anyone else. Heals, buffs, recharge, could make the mob dissapear, which would mean 700 more kills for you. Halisha however is easy. It takes 4-5 nukes to kill him.

10) Then find the Tablet of Vision and speak with it. It tells you to find the next Tablet of Vision north of the Seal of Shilen.Reaching the tablet is easier by porting to forsaken plains and walking straight forward towards the strange giant thingys hanging above a pit with gargoyles. The tablet is at the end of it.

11) As soon as you find this one, Silver Freyshar and unknown stopper will spawn. Kill the stopper and talk to Silver. He gives you the stone to use on the tablet. Talk to the tablet and port back to Ivory tower.

12) Find Arkenias on the third floor, talk to her, end the dialogue, take a deep breath and kiss your spellsinger class goodbye because you are a Mystic muse and by 5 millions richer. You also get a secret book of giants which can be used to enchant your skills. you also get 2299404 xp { only 1.5% >,< }.
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