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Succession to the Legend, Phoenix Knight
Description: N/A.
 Level  76
 Start Location

 Goddard Castle Town

 Start Npc  Master Felix





 No (Solo)

 Reward  3rd class change to  Phoenix Knight


1 Those who face the knight's dilemma are known to walk the path of pilgrimage. Speak with Master Felix in Goddard Castle Town. He gave up his knighthood to follow the path.

2 To save Master Felix's daughter, you need a dish called ice cold flower. Master Chef Donath in the hot springs area of Goddard knows how to prepare it. Ask him to make it for you. Master Chef Donath

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3 Master Chef Donath needs ice crystals and a fat, white fish.You can get some ice crystals if you do what Chef Jeremy asks andget the fat, white fish from a fisherman with a skill level of 23 - 25.

4 Master Chef Donath used the materials and cooked the ice cold flower for you, adding that it cures a fever if you put it next to your head. Hurry up and deliver it to Master Felix in Goddard Castle.

5 . You've got the Stone of Commune. You must find the Tablet of Vision near the Tower of Insolence. It is up on a hill south of TOI. Click on it. You are then told to travel to the west of the Valley of Saints to find the next tablet.

6 Go to the Valley of Saints, Tablet of Vision #2 is on the west side and on the lowest level. It's surrounded by quest monsters (Guardian of Forbidden Knowledge, big female angels). Click on Tablet of Vision #2 and you're told to kill *all* of the Guardians of Forbidden Knowledge.

8 After communing with the second tablet, you feel Fallen Knight Adil waiting for you at the Tablet of Vision #3. Read all you can about him and get ready for a vicious battle. He awaits you near the Tablet of Vision #3 .Monster to Hunt - Fallen Knight Adil

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9 You've defeated Fallen Knight Adil and taken the Stone of Commune. His obsession with winning was his downfall...Commune with Tablet of Vision #3

10 Grand Master Cedric of Aden Castle Town has the fourth Stone of Commune. Find him and get the fourth Stone of Commune.

11 Joining the Ketras
To get the Divine Stone of Wisdom, you must gain the trust of the Ketra Orcs. Speak with Wahkan, their messenger.

12 Joining the Varka Silenos
To get the Divine Stone of Wisdom, you decided to help the Varka Silenos. Prove yourself to their messenger, Ashanuk, and gain the trust of the Varka Silenos.

13 You've got the fourth Stone of Commune. Go to Tablet of Vision #4 and commune with it.

Tablet of Vision, Part 4


14 Meet Master Felix of Goddard Castle Town, whom you helped once, has the fifth Stone of Commune. Visit him and get the Stone of Commune.

15 You are very close to the end of the quest. You'll need to kill 700 mobs to get the quest boss Halisha to appear (easier than trying to get through the four sepulchers). Go to the Shrine of the Loyal. Monsters to Hunt -Shrine of the Loyal: Grave Scarabs, Scavenger Scarabs, Grave Ants, Scavenger Ants, Shrine Knights, Shrine Guards, Archon of HalishaImperial Tomb: Archon of Halisha

16 You've got the fifth Stone of Commune. Now head to Tablet of Vision #5. It is in the northwestern corner of the Wall of Argos.

17 During the fifth communion, you see a devil waiting beside Tablet of Vision #6. Monster to Hunt - Shadow of Beleth

The tablet is located near the Forrest of the Dead.

Tablet of Vision, Part 6

18 After killing the shadow of Beleth, Eric disappeared, leaving behind the Stone of Commune. Click the tablet again. It tells you to go back to Felix in Goddard Castle Town

Congrats! You are now a Phoenix Knight !

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