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Succession to the Legend, Shillien Saint
Description: N/A.
 Level  76
 Start Location

 Hardin’s Academy

 Start Npc  Magister Anastia

 Dark Elf


 Shillien Elder


 No (Solo)

 Reward  Class change to Shillien  Saint


By MiseryLou (

It's a good idea to start quests Alliance with Ketra Orcs and Finest Ingredients (part 1) as soon as you can, as these are the parts of the quest that takes the longest time.

Start the quest at Magister Anastia at Hardin's Private Academy.
She will tell you to go visit Saint of Light (Agnes) in Goddard Castle Town. She will be marked on your map, if you have location checked in your quest tab.

Saint of Light will send you to Chef Duncan at Hot Springs, to bring her some food.
Duncan needs an ice crystal to keep the food fresh.
To get the ice crystal, you need to talk to Chef Jeremy, and start quest The Finest Ingredients (part 1).
(Both Duncan and Jeremy are at the Hot Springs camp),
Kill 50 Hot Springs Bandersnatchlings, 50 Hot Springs Nepenthes and 50 Hot Springs Atrox/Atroxspawn (both should give the item).
This is a party quest, so you don't have to kill them by yourself.

The Nepenthes are magic and poison resist, but weak to fire. All mobs are 2x HP.

When you have the 3x50 quest items, go back to Jeremy, and he will give you Cryolite and a jar of soy sauce.
Now talk to Duncan, and he will give you food (offering) for the saint.
Return to the saint with the food, and she will give you Resonance Amulet 1.

Now port to Northern Pathway of Enchanted Valley from Hunter's Village. Look at your map, and go to the yellow pin.
Go around Enchanted Valley to get to the tablet. Talk to the tablet.

Now you need to go to the northeastern part of Valley of Saints, as noted on your map.
You will find a whole bunch of angels. Kill until you get Resonance Amulet 2. You do not have to kill it by yourself, you just need last hit.

The next tablet you need to go to, is north of Border Outpost.
When you talk to it, it will summon a quest monster, which you will need to kill by yourself.
Buff yourself with might, shield and guidance. The monster will curse you with the opposite of might, shield and guidance.
When the monster debuffs you with either buff, you buff yourself again to get rid of the debuffs, as to not have too low accuracy, p.def and p.atk.
I rooted the mob, and used a Bow of Peril to kill. It worked nicely.
When you kill it, you will earn Resonance Amulet 3.'
Talk to the tablet again.

Go see Magister Kamilen at Dark Elven Guild in Goddard. You will be asked to ally with either the Ketra Orcs or the Varka Silenos.
I picked the Orcs, so this is the side I will describe in this guide.

Go to the Ketra Orc Stronghold near Goddard. Talk to Ketra's Messenger Wahkan.
He will ask you to obtain 100 badges of Varka Soldiers.
Go to Varka Silenos Outpost, and kill Recruits, Footmen, Scouts, Hunters and Shamans. This is a party quest.
You cannot hit/do harmful magic to any Ketra Orcs once you've started this quest, nor be in party with anyone who harms Ketra Orcs, or you will lose your badges.

When you have collected 100 badges, go back and talk to Wahkan. You now have Mark of Ketra's Alliance level 1.
Proceed to second part of the quest.
You need 200 soldier badges, and 100 captain badges. All are 2x HP mobs, but the group mobs are very tough (and some use SS -ouch! >_<).
When you have all 300 badges, talk to Wahkan again, and he will grant you level 2 membership.

You are now past the worst part of the quest. Although you can continue collecting badges, it is not necessary for the 3rd class change quest.

Now you need to get The Divine Stone of Wisdom. Go buy a key of thief; you will need it to open the chest to get a quest item.
Find NPC Asefa in Ketra Orc Village, and start quest "Magical Power of Water".
You now need to get to a treasure chest in the varka village "undiscovered". You may not attack any Varka Silenos at this part of the quest, and I'm not sure if you can heal someone who is/has attacked one. So bring a good DD and another healer for this part. You can be partied.
The chest will be marked on your map. It is located behind a hut. "Talk" to it to open. It will give you Stolen Green Totem.
Return to Asefa to complete the quest. He will give you Divine Stone of Wisdom.

Now go to Kamilen in Dark Elven Guild with the stone, and she will give you Resonance Amulet 4.

Go to tablet of vision north of Garden of Beasts, as noted on your map. There's a bunch of NPC Ketra Orcs around it, whom you can ignore.

Now you have a choice. You can either go to into The Four Sepulchers and kill a quest monster; the Archon of Halisha, or you can kill 700 mobs in Shrine of the Loyal to get him to spawn, and kill him there. I *believe* it's the same mob. And the difference is, that it's hard to get to him in The Four Sepulchers.
All the mobs you need to kill in Shrine of the Loyal are 1x HP, and you get quest item virtually every time you kill one (you do not need to kill them yourself. This is a party quest).
When you have gained 700 quest items, you need to kill one more mob for Archon of Halisha to spawn.
He is pretty tough for a healer with a bow. Plus it seems like he's glitched. Even after I'd rooted him he would soar up into the sky, and not be visible anymore, untill he glitched down again, and repeat. It is possible that they have fixed it now.
You have to kill Archon of Halisha by yourself.

When you've killed him, and you have recieved Resonance Amulet 5, go talk to tablet of vision, marked on your map.

The next part of the quest is at Forsaken Plains. Port there from Aden, and run to where the yellow pin is.
When you talk to the tablet there, a quest monster (Fallen Angel Tanakia) and an NPC (Abyss Saint Elcardia) fighting it will appear.
I tried a lot of things, such as healing and buffing Elcardia, and fighting Tanakia both with bow and windstrike (lol), but nothing.
The only thing you need to do, is talk to the NPC. Then talk to the tablet again.
Go back and finish the quest at Magister Anastia at Hardin's Private Academy.

Congratulations, you are now a Shillien Saint!

Special thanks to MsElf, PAINFUL, LucaMistral, Nuggi, Dioz and Sieger for helping me with this quest
~MiseryLou of Teon server
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