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Succession to the Legend, Storm Screamer
Description: The Spellhowler uses the highest degree of elemental magic. A mix of Sorcerer and Necromancer, he casts magic by borrowing the power of the wind. The Spellhowler causes strong damage with the Tempest, which creates a tornado around his target, or he can use the Hurricane to shoot blades of wind from a distance.
Storm Screamers are the most accomplished Spellhowlers who practice incomparably powerful wizardry, but have been excluded from the ranks of those represented by the Ivory Tower who consider them tarnished by black magic.
 Level  76
 Start Location

 Goddard Castle Town

 Start Npc  Magister Kamilen

 Dark Elf




 No (Solo)

 Reward  Storm Screamer; 5 mil A;  Secret Book of Giants;  2,299,404 xp


By L2Girl

1. Go to the Dark Elf Guild in Goddard and speak to NPC Magister Kamilen. She will give you a Guild Report (quest item) and ask that you speak to Grand Magister Fairen in Ivory Tower. She is on the Dark Elves floor.

2. Grand Magister Fairen asks if you want to become a Storm Screamer. She tells you to seek out the six Tablets of Vision.

3. Go back to Magister Kamilen in Goddard. She tells you she is investigating something. Kamilen tells you to meet Information Broker Mist in Hot Springs and get an investigative report from him.

4. In Hot Springs, Mist is standing in a green pool bathing. He tells you to get him a ice crystal from Chef Jeremy. Run up to the center of the Hot Springs where the tents are located. Select “The Finest Ingredients – Part 1” quest from the list. This is the only one directly connected to your 3rd class change quest.

5. Chef Jeremy tells you he’ll give you the ice crystal if you help gather meat for a secret recipe. You’ll need to kill 50 each of the following mobs: Hotsprings Bandersnatches, Hotsprings Atrox, Hotsprings Atrox Spawn and Hotsprings Nepenthes.

6. When you return, he’ll give you the ice crystal and a soy sauce jar. That is for the second part of the Finest Ingredients quest he offers. It is not needed for the class change. Return to Mist and he will give you the Investigative Report. Take it to Magister Kamilen in Goddard Castle Town.

7. Kamilen says you'll need a Stone of Commune from all six tablets.

8. The first tablet of vision is located on a hill near the Tower of Insolence. Speak to it.

9. The second tablet is located in the western part of Valley of Saints. At the tablet, you must kill all the angels standing near it. After you do, go back and speak to the tablet to get the quest item.

10. The third tablet is located near Pilgrim's Temple. This time, you must fight a quest mob, Allector, that appears. The secret to beating him is making sure you have quick healing potions (better than the greater heal potions) to heal yourself as you fight him. No one can help you, or heal you. You must solo it. Ignore the little quest ball monster that spawn with him. Kill the main guy and they'll disappear. Speak to the tablet after you're done to get the quest item. Go back to Kamilen in Goddard.

11. Kamilen tells you the stone of commune is broken.

12. She tells you that you'll need to ally with either the Ketra Orcs or the Varka Silenos to get the Divine Stone. I did this quest on my subclass, so I already was allied with the Silenos. I just selected them again from the list.

13. If you're doing this quest for the first time, here's what you need to do. Go speak to Varka's Messenger Naran Ashanuk (port to the Silenos outpost from the Goddard gatekeeper). Select the Alliance quest. You’ll need to gain the trust of your new allies, and that means completing two quests. The first is to collect 100 badges of Ketra Orc soldiers (found in the orc barracks). You should get some help (healer/buffer and one other DD is fine).

14. When done, return to Ashanuk. He will reward you with Mark of Varka’s Alliance – Level 1. Now you have to get Level 2. Choose to kill more of their enemies – 200 badges of soldiers and 100 of officers. The officers are group mobs, so get a party together.

15. When done, return to Ashanuk. You are now level 2 Alliance. Here is where you switch quests. Select the “Magical Power of Fire” quest from him. You DON’T need to get Level 3 alliance membership for the class change quest.

16. You are told to go into the Varka Silenos Village and meet Udan Mardui. This will be tricky. If you harm any Varkas getting there you’re alliance level will drop and the alliance will be broken. If you are partied with people who are allied with the Orcs and they kill a Varka, you also will lose a level in your alliance membership. You can kill animals that agro you. You can also follow another group out of party as they fight their way to the village

17. Udan Mardui tells you to steal a red totem from the Orcs, but don't be seen doing it. Buy a Key of Thief before you go into the orc village. You need it to open the chest.

18. When you get to the Orc village, the box with the totem is behind a wall. You don’t have to talk to anyone, just head for the chest. With the Key of Thief in your inventory click on the box to open it.

19. Return to Mardui with the red totem. He will give you the Divine Stone of Wisdom. Return to Kamilen in Goddard. She gives you Resonance Amulet – 4 and tells you to go to the fourth table of vision. It's located on the north side of the Varka Silenos barracks.

20. Return to Kamilen. You are very close to the end of the quest. You’ll need to kill 700 mobs to get the quest boss Halisha to appear (easier than trying to get through the four sepulchers). Go to the Shrine of the Loyal.

21. I was able to solo the mobs, but it goes so much faster with even a small party. The quest items dropped with every kill, so 700 went by fast. You'll get quest items even if someone in your party kills a mob. When you get kill 701 Halisha appears. Solo him (very easy).

22. When done, you get Resonance Amulet – 5. Now find the next tablet of vision near Wall of Argos.

23. Go to the sixth and final tablet of vision near Hunter's Village.

24. When you click it, Unknown Stopper appears and Medina Blackheart. Help her fight him. You can solo him easy. When he dies, you’ll get Resonance Amulet – 6. Speak to Medina. Click the tablet again. It tells you to go back to Grand Magister Fairen in Ivory Tower. Congrats! You are now a Storm Screamer!
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