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Succession to the Legend - Sword Muse
Description: N/A.
 Level  76
 Start Location

 Tower of Aden

 Start Npc  Master Raien





 No (Solo)

 Reward  Class change to Sword  Muse


By Rehven (

1. Visit Master Raien in Aden (Aden's Warrior Guild) to begin the Quest.

2. Visit Blacksmith Feynn in Goddard (Goddard Blacksmith)

3. Visit Chef Donath in the Hot Springs.

To satisfy Donath you'll need an Ice Crystal (keep following the quest for this) and a Big Fat White Fish - lvl 23-25 Fishing skill is needed

4. Visit Chef Jeremy in the Hot Springs (right next to Donath) and get the quest "The Finest Ingredients - Part 1"

5. Hunt HotSprings Atrox, HotSprings Atroxspawn, HotSprings Bandersnatchlings, HotSprings Nepenthes

6. Now comes a really horrible part - you need to fish. Train your Fishing, Pumping and Reeling skills to lvl 24. I purchased an A-grade pole and 100 Purple High-Quality lures. I fished for approximately 90 minutes before catching a Big White Fat Fish, you may have better luck (I didn't use any fishing shots either)

7. Return to Chef Donath in the Hot Springs.

He talks for a bit, makes some stinky fish beer (yum) and tells you to return to Blacksmith Feynn

8. Talk to Blacksmith Feynn again in Goddard, he drinks the beer while you "sing" for him (you don't actually sing)

9. Go to south of the Tower of Insolence and find Tablet of Vision #1. I ran out Aden's West gate and took a left at the Silenos, a journey of less than 5 minutes. There's a Raid Boss (huge Doom Knight) nearby so if you find him, you're close. Click on the Tablet of Vision and you'll get an effect like Recharge

10. Go to the Valley of Saints, Tablet of Vision #2 is on the west side and on the lowest level. It's surrounded by quest monsters (Guardian of Forbidden Knowledge, big female angels). Click on Tablet of Vision #2 and you're told to kill *all* of the Guardians of Forbidden Knowledge. I had full prophet buffs and used the songs Earth/Hunter/Vengeance. The quest monsters con white to a lvl 76 and they are pretty easy to take down - although you *will* need a healer, 3 of them at once is a little dangerous

11. Go to the northeast corner of the Ketra Orc Outpost and locate Tablet of Vision #3. When you click it, a quest monster called "Sword Player Biel" will spawn.

You have to kill him. He will cast 3 debuffs on you and you sing to remove the debuffs. I read the book Criticism of Biel's Song before even clicking the tablet, then made a separate toolbar with Attack, GHP and the three songs (Wind, Vengeance, Water). I also sang Earth and Hunter before the fight began. He was actually pretty easy to defeat, just make sure you know what songs remove which debuffs before you begin. When he's defeated, click again on the Tablet of Vision to continue the quest

12. Go to the center of the Beast Farm in Rune, and talk to Beast Herder Tunatun.

He won't give you the next Stone of Commune until you bring him a Divine Stone of Wisdom; time to put the Sword Muse quest on hold as you start another quest. You have to ally yourself with either the Ketra Orcs or the Varka Silenos; I allied with the Ketra Orcs since I'd already stared that quest elsewhere.

13. Go to the Ketra Orc Outpost and begin the quest Alliance with Ketra Orcs (Ketra's Messenger Wahkan). You must do parts 1 and 2 before continuing. This should go fairly quickly, I did both parts in a couple of days. Don't worry if you choose the wrong alliance, you can break it at any time and the quest will still function - all you're looking for at the end is the Divine Stone of Wisdom.

14. When you have completed Alliance with Ketra Orcs part 2, go back to Ketra's Messenger Wahkan and begin the quest called Magical Power of Water. This is the quest that will eventually give you the Divine Stone of Wisdom.

You will need to go into the Ketra Orc Outpost, right into the very center, and talk to an NPC called Asefa. This is a tricky part; you cannot attack any Ketra Orc from now on, and you cannot be partied with anyone who attacks a Ketra Orc. So put together a party that will work through the Outpost and hang back out-of-party, don't fight back and don't assist anyone.

15. Eventually you'll reach the center village of the Ketra Orc Outpost - so find Asefa

and get the quest he gives. Now visit the nearby Trader orc in the village and buy a Key of Thief, then soe back to town.

16. Go to the Varka Silenos Outpost. You will need a good party here, since you cannot attack any Silenos on the way (although you can be partied); if you attack a Silenos you will receive what looks like a curse called Gaze of Watcher. If you ever get this curse, you will need to go back to Asefa and get the curse removed (which is a royal pain). So make your way through the Varka Silenos camp, and find the quest box behind the biggest tent.

17. Return to Asefa in the Ketra Orc Outpost, hand over the stolen Totem and you'll receive a Divine Stone of Wisdom. Hurrah! We can now continue with the Sword Muse quest!

18. Return to Beast Herder Tunatun in the Beast Farm, hand over the Divine Stone of Wisdom, and you'll be told the location of Tablet of Vision #4.

Soe back to town and go to Goddard (sigh...)

19. Tablet of Vision #4 is located just off the road north of the Garden of Beasts, above a Silenos house.

Commune with the tablet - make sure you don't attack the Ketra Orcs by mistake! - and you're directed back to Goddard and Priest Cerenas.

20. Priest Cerenas is in the main hall of Goddard Church.

21. Now you need to kill 700 mobs (yes, 700) for a quest monster to appear. I suggest you go to the Shrine of the Loyal area (Wall of Argos), since the mobs are 1x HP and con white. You'll get Quest items in your Inventory so keep an eye on how many you've got. When you kill mob #701, Quest Monster Archon of Halisha appears.

As you can see I had full prophet buffs, dances and songs (Earth/Hunter/Vengeance) so he was a breeze. You cannot be healed or helped in any way so make sure you've got pots handy. When he dies

( Image ) you'll get Resonance Amulet #5 and the location of Tablet of Vision #5 will appear on your map.

22. Tablet of Vision #5 is really close to the entrance of Wall of Argos so go find it and commune with it.

23. Now go south of Hunters Village to find Tablet of Vision #6.

Take the east gate out of Hunters Village and cross the bridge. You'll find the Tablet of Vision among the Bugbears just as you round the corner in the road, just look at your map. Commune with the Tablet of Vision... and OMG another quest monster appears, looking like a Hallate's Inspector from TOI. He cons yellow so make sure you're buffed (again I had full prophet buffs, dances and songs). An NPC called Moonvoice Irene also appears, you have to kill the quest monster before it kills Irene. After a while the quest monster will disappear, leaving you with Irene. Talk to her,

she gives you Resonance Amulet #6. Commune with the Tablet of Vision again

24. Return to Aden and Master Raien.

Continue to talk to her and... CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE NOW A SWORD MUSE

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