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Succession to the Legend, Titan
Description: N/A.
 Level  76
 Start Location

 Rune Castle Town

 Start Npc  Prefect Tazki





 No (Solo)

 Reward  Become a Titan; Secret  Book of Giants; 5M a;  2,299,404 XP


Succession to the Legend - Titan
By d@lton

1. Go to Rune Town City and talk to Prefect Tazki. He'll give you "Record of Traitor Muhark" and will ask you to talk to Prefect Lakan, of Goddard Town City.

2. Prefect Lakan will tell you he needs a "Bitter Cold Vodka". Go to Hot Springs and talk to Chef Donath, he knows how to make one.

3. Chef Donath says he can make it for you, but he'll need a special ingredient called "Ice Crystal". Talk to Chef Jeremy (by his side) to start a new side quest.

4. Talk to chef Jeremy and choose "The Finest Ingredients - Part 1" quest. You'll need to kill 50 each of the following mobs: Hotsprings Bandersnatches, Hotsprings Atrox, Hotsprings Atrox Spawn and Hotsprings Nepenthes, all located at Hot Springs. After you return the ingredients for him, he'll give you an Ice Crystal. Talk again to Chef Donath.

5. Chef Donath will be able to make the "Bitter Cold Vodka" now. Take it and return to Prefect Lakan, in Goddard Town City.

6. Precect Lakan will ask you to visit the 1st Table of Vision.

7. Go to the table. Talk to it. It'll ask you to look for the 2nd table.

8. Talk to the 2nd table. It'll be surrounded by non-agressive and social angels. You'll have to kill them all. Be careful, they're socials and help each other.

After you kill them all, talk to the table. It'll ask you to visit the 3rd table.

9. Talk to the 3rd table.

It'll summon the Fallen Noble Orc Muhark. It has a lot of hp, but he's weak. Sometimes he uses bleed (use your cure bleed skill) and, the big trouble killing him is he has 'return damage'. So be careful, probably you'll spam a lot of HP/elixir pots and avoid using frenzy on him (it can be mortal for you).

Talk again to the table. It'll send you to talk to Seer Skahi, in Town of Goddard.

10. Seer Skahi tells you he needs a Divine Stone of Wisdom, and you can obtain it from Varka Silenos or Ketra Orcs. Choose a side, make an alliance lvl 2, and then you'll be able to start another side quest.

I chose to help Varka Silenos to kill Ketra Orcs, because all my clan do it. For more information about this quest, read Alliance with Varka Silenos or Alliance with Ketra Orcs.

11. After you have alliance lvl 2 or higher with the side you chose, go talk to the NPC near the port (Varka Silenos area or Ketra Orcs area). In my case, it's Varka's Messenger Naran Ashanuk (Ketra's Messenger Wahkan, if you help the orcs). Choose " Magic Power of Fire - part 1" (" Magic Power of Water ", if you
chose to help Ketra Orcs).

Now you'll need to go to Varka Silenos Outpost and visit Soul Guide Udan Mardui. Don't hit ANY Varka Silenos in your way. They'll not attack you (they don't attack lvl 1+ alliance). You can kill any animal that attack you in your way.

12. Soul Guide Udan Mardui will ask you to go to the Ketra Orc Outpost and steal a red totem from a chest. After you return him the totem, he'll give you the divine stone of wisdom. Buy a 'thief key' from grocery shop BEFORE going to Ketra Orc Outpost, it'll be needed to open the chest.
You can go alone to Ketra orc Outpost, there's a easy way with almost no orcs in your way.
Find the chest and open it.

Then return to Soul Guide Udan Mardui.

13. Soul Guide Udan Mardui will give you the Divine Stone of Wisdom. Return it to Seer Skahi in Town of Goddard.

14. Seer Skahi will ask you to visit the 4th table.

15. Just talk to this table and return to Seer Skahi.

16. Now Seer Skahi will tell you to go to Shrine of the Loyal and kill Anchon of Halisha.

You'll have to kill 700 of his minions before it spawns. Ask friends to go with you to hunt the 700 minions. After each minion is killed, you'll obtain an quest item. You just need to be in party to obtain these quest items. You can obtain items while dead and in party (safest way if you have a lot of wars and got killed hehehe).

When it spawns, you'll lose 20 of the minions quest items. You MUST kill it alone, with NO HELP, no buffs, no heals. no dances/sings. If you lose it, you'll have to kill again 20 minions to it be summoned again.

He's too easy. Fatal Strike and Hammer Crush are very effective against him. After you kill him, the 680 minions quest items will disappear and you'll have to talk to the next table (west of where you are).

The table will ask you to visit the last table, in Forsaken Plains.

16. Talk to the last table, and Grandpapa Askalius will spawn. Help Sake Dun Zu Hestui to kill it.

You'll not need to kill it. After some hits it'll disappear. Talk to Sake Dun Zu Hestui. He'll ask you to visit Prefect Tazki.

17. Go to Rune Town City and talk to Prefect Tazki.

Congratulations! You're now a Titan.
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