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Trade with the Ivory Tower

Trader Vollodos, who has often been dealing with the Mages of the Ivory Tower, asks you to find spores which have been in high demand recently. As Vollodos said, you can get Spore Sacs if you go into the Dark Forest and defeat spore fungi. You shall be rewarded if you bring a collection to Vollodos.



 Start Location

Dark Elven Village

 Start Npc

Trader Vollodos






Yes (Solo)



Quest Guide

1. Speak with Trader Vollodos in the Grocery Store. He will ask you to collect 10 Fungus Sacs.

2. Leave town via the west exit and and travel along the road until you get to a single tower on the right, then head northwest . Hunt and kill the Forest Walking Fungus (lvl 9) until you have 10 Fungus Sacs. Blood Fungus (lvl 12) also drop the sacs more rarely, and are farther down the road around the set of towers on the left.

3. Return to town and give the sacs to Vollodos.

Each time you will receive 3000 adena.

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