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L2 Top 200

Forgotten Truth

Dark Elven Tetrarch Thifiell asked Abyssal Celebrant Kartia to translate an ancient script. And now, he asks you to retrieve both the original copy and the translation from Kartia.



 Start Location

Dark Elven Village

 Start Npc

Tetrarch Thifiell


Dark Elf




No (Solo)


Eldritch Dagger, SS, Healing Pots, Echo Crystals

Quest Guide

Bring a Scroll of Escape for this quest, it will save you a very long walk back to town.

1. Talk to Tetrarch Thifiell at the temple in the north end of town, he will give you an Onyx Talisman1.

2. Give the Onyx Taliman1 to Abyssal Celebrant Kartia, who you will find the temple east of town (where you started out as a Dark Elf). He is at the South entrance of that building. He will give you an Onyx Talisman2.

3. You need to hunt Tumran Orc Brigands (lvl 11 passive) until you recieve both the Ancient Scroll and Ancient Clay Tablet. The brigands are in the field to the west of the Altar of Rites near /loc -50k, 75k. These mobs are quest mobs so you receive no Exp for killing them.

Be sure to watch out for higher level mobs in the area! It took me about 11 mobs to get the two peices.

4. Return (Scroll of Escape) to Abyssal Celebrant Kartia and give him the tablet, scroll, and talisman2. He will give you the Kartas Translation.

5. Give the translation to Tetrarch Thifiell.

Your rewards are:

  • Eldritch Dagger(12,750a to shop)
  • 100 Lesser Healing Potions
  • 1000 Soulshots: Non Grade
  • 10 Echo Crystals: Theme of Battle
  • 10 Echo Crystals: Theme of Love
  • 10 Echo Crystals: Theme of Solitude
  • 10 Echo Crystals: Theme of Feast
  • 10 Echo Crystals: Theme of Celebration
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