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L2 Top 200

Sea of Spores Fever

Sentinel Knight Smallberry is putting great effort into finding a cure for his companions who caught a mysterious fever while trying to purify the Sea of Spores. Since there must be different ingredients for the remedy, he asks you to meet Master Cobendell.



 Start Location

Elven Village

 Start Npc

Sentinel Knight Alberius






No (Solo)


Sword or Staff of Sentinel

Quest Guide
  1. Talk to Sentinel Knight Alberryus, he is out in front of the main building (with trainers) in the Elven Village. He will give you Alberryus's Letter.
  2. Give the letter to Master Cobendell in the main building. He will give you the Evergreen Amulet.
  3. Hunt Dryads (lvl 13 passive) and Dryad Elders (lvl 14 passive) until you collect 10 Dryad's Tears. Dryads can be found near the crossroads, mostly on the north side of the path, and Drayd Elders can be found a bit further west.
  4. Give the 10 tears and amulet to Master Cobendell. He will give you 5 Cobendell's Medicines.
  5. Deliver the medicines to Sentinel Knight Alberryus. He will take one of the medicines, and ask you to deliver the other 4 to other sentinels.
  6. One to Sentinel Gartrandell, on the same platform as Alberryus.
  7. One to Sentinel Veltress at the southeastern village exit.
  8. One to Sentinel Berros at the north village exit.
  9. One to Sentinel Rayjien at the southwest village exit.
  10. Return to Sentinel Knight Alberryus.

The reward is a Sword of Sentinel for fighters, and a Staff of Sentinel for mages.

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